Hero or Fraud?

is Victor Frankenstein a hero for not creating a second monster for the original monster or did he make the biggest mistake of his life? in the movie Sully, captain Chesley Sullenberger struck birds in a commercial aircraft and had to decide within 208 seconds if he was going to attempt to revert to another airport or land on the Hudson river. he ultimately decided to land on the Hudson, luckily saving everyone on the aircraft. after the incident, the ministry of transportation leaked information about the flight saying that the simulations showed that he could have made it to an airport safely, reporters started questioning captain sully’s decision calling him a fraud. but in the end captain sully’s decision was justified and he was deemed a hero.

In the book, Frankenstein is forced into making a second monster for the original monster so he can finally be loved by someone and be happy, but Victor decides to stand up to the monster and refuse to make the second monster. similar to sully’s decision to land on the Hudson this could have been the biggest mistake of victors life or it could deem him a hero for standing up to the monster. i believe that victor made a big mistake because he had to choose the lesser of the two evils, the lesser would have been victor making the choice to make the second monster but because he sees the monster as, well a “monster” he thinks he is doing the world a favor by not making the second monster but if he made a second monster then he would be saving the world as well as his family and the monster would leave the rest of the world alone.

the monster only wants to be loved, if not by Frankenstein then another monster like him. i feel that the monster would forgive Frankenstein if he did make a second monster, but because he didn’t Frankenstein will be haunted by the monster for the rest of his life.

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