The OG American Teen, Khalid

Just to start this off on a good note, I am in love with Khalid. He’s my absolute favourite, not only because of his way to make an entire album feel like the legitimate soundtrack to my life (Young Dumb & Broke I’m looking at you). Not to mention we share a birthday.

Khalid. Digital image. Metro Lyrics. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 June 2017.

Khalid is a 19 year old who rose to success in 2016 when his first single Location started to rise on Billboard charts and gain recognition worldwide.

He was born in Georgia, but was moved around a lot because of his mother, Linda Wolfe’s profession as a supply technician for the army. Wolfe also sings for the armies band, and gave up her own artistic career in order to raise her son. In high school he studied singing and musical theatre, graduating from El Paso, Texas’s Americas High School in the class of 2016.

Khalid. Digital image. Metro Lyrics. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 June 2017.

For such a young musician, Khalid has found his voice and ‘soul’ in his music much earlier than other artists who even now struggle to find their sound. He believes that the thing that most influenced his sound to solidify into what it is would be living in El Paso. Not only that but he has managed to find a unique way of using his inspirations as a motivation to produce the music that he does. Not only that, but he makes them sound like himself, if that makes sense. There are so many artists out there that mimic styles and it becomes so hard to differentiate who is actually singing the song until they start singing, but with Khalid’s songs he’s himself. Genuinely and wholly himself and that’s really wants important with up and coming artists.

Khalid. Digital image. Metro Lyrics. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 June 2017.

It’s hard for me to determine just what about Khalid’s music that I enjoy the most, but if I had to determine one thing it would be that it’s a mixture of good music to drive to by yourself and with other people, and that’s the most important thing for me at this stage in my life. Because right now I’m so prepped to have long car ride adventures with my friends and good summer vibes and this album kind of touches on that same kind of attitude that every teenager wants to have.

Khalid. Digital image. Billboard. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 June 2017.

His own take on the album is that its raw, showing exactly everything he experienced in his four years of high school without the cliché’s. This is what really connects to his audience, because we know what it’s like to be living something that’s not a cliché and not seen in movies and whatnot. Teenagers experience it most and his music is like his climatic masterpiece of what he got out of high school. That’s what’s important to Khalid, is being real and emotional and vulnerable and showing his audience that he is still a teenager. He’s still experiencing all of these things and it’s okay to be going through it.

If you want a good song to start off with, I would recommend listening to his debut single, you’ve definitely heard this one on the radio without even realizing that it was God himself singing to you.

Here’s Location. I’m not kidding when I say he has the voice of an angel. Like, come on can you hear how raw that is? That’s so real. AND HE’S ONLY 19! Thin of what he’s going to be capable of in the future, wow. I cannot believe that I exist in a time where Khalid is releasing music.

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But of course, he has an entire album of songs that deserve a lot more attention than just Location. One of my favourites is the stripped version of his song Angels  (, it’s actually a beautiful and moving song that basically breaks me down and makes me cry every single time I hear it. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a person who really believes that music is more effective if you can hear and feel and be surrounded by the emotion inserted into a song and that’s something that I feel the entire time I listen to Khalid. I also mentioned Young Dumb & Broke ( earlier when I was saying that he wrote the soundtrack to my life, and I think that now is a more than appropriate time to bring up that song. It’s just like it’s the song I imagine to fit perfectly well with that slow motion movie montage of those kids that are road tripping across the country and sleeping in the back of their cars and jumping off of cliffs into water and falling in love and just having fun. In such a low key tone, Khalid is basically telling all teens willing to listen that we have so much life to live, we are young, we are dumb and we are broke but that’s okay because we are in high school and we have so much to accomplish in the future so why not do everything we can right now to have fun, fall in love and make memories to tell the grandkids. HOW INSPIRING. AND HE’S NOT EVEN TRYING TO BE INSPIRING. KHALID MARRY ME. I would also like to encourage you to listen to Another Sad Love Song ( because man my bridges are burning, and the tables are turning and this song deserves to be the song you fall asleep to at night, wow.

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON — Episode 0639 — Pictured: Musical guest Khalid performs on March 15, 2017 — (Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)
THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON — Episode 0639 — Pictured: Musical guest Khalid performs on March 15, 2017 — (Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)









I guess really that the thing I find I connect to the most with Khalid is that he’s a teenager, he’s just trying to make a career out of himself and he’s got so much talent and potential that we all want to see him go further in life. I want to see him hit Madison Square Gardens, but I feel like his music is better suited for small clubs and bars in cities that people have to find to get to, with low selling tickets because he understood at one point he was where all of the teenagers that want to see his performances were. He was Young, Dumb and Broke once too, so he’ll do a lot for us. As teenagers. He’ll help a lot of people find their sound just like he was influenced by other artists.

I wish Khalid the best career possible, and hope that his sound keeps on being heard by the right audience. He’s such a rarity in the music industry nowadays. I will always be an American Teen, even if I’m Canadian.


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