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Did Victor Make The Right Choice Destroying His Second Creation?

Although Victor didn’t finish his second creation, I think that if he had completed it the book would have a different outcome. I think that if Victor had finished making the second creation it would have had both a positive and negative turn to the story. I can’t definitively say what would happen if he had finished the creation but I feel that there would be benefits and downfalls as a result. 


(What the second creation might have looked like if completed^^^)

I think that if Victor would have finished his second creation he would have kept his word and the monster wouldn’t have got so mad causing him to kill more people. I also think that if Victor would have finished the second creation the Monster would have had someone like him and the monster wouldn’t feel left out. Most of the people the monster killed were because he was enraged and there was no one there for him meaning no one to calm him down. I feel that if he had another person like him then he would have been occupied by that person and he might not have killed everyone (William, Elizabeth, and Henry)

I feel that if Victor finished his second creation than it could have turned out negatively. I think that if Victor completed it the two creations could make more or them and could turn into a whole race of monsters and possibly go on a killing spree. I also think that if he completed the second creation the towns people would probably be more scared of living in the town near these monsters because their is more. 

Overall I think that it was a good idea that Victor destroyed the second creation because there is no way of telling what would have happened if he carried through on creating the second monster, there isn’t a very good outcome if he continued it, the best thing that would happen is the monsters would go away and never be seen again but the worst thing that could happen is the new monster would be just like the original monster and they would go on a giant killing spree killing anyone who looks at them the wrong way or reminds them of Victor as well as it might be possible for them to reproduce more monsters and take over mankind. 


Studies show that the majority of people who are bad (in prison) return to prison after being let out, proving that in most cases people don’t change. 76% of people return to prison within 5 years of being let out for carrying out more crimes when given a second chance, so the odds are that the original monster would fall back into the same path of killing people, just like many people freed from prison do as well. Prison returnees are similar to the monster because they are both bad people/things so they are similar scenarios which means they will most likely have similar outcomes of still being bad after getting a second chance.

 Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Maurice Hindle. Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus. Penguin, 1992.

Josh Sattler

People are too Quick to Judge

After reading chapters 9-16 I realized that you shouldn’t judge someone by their appearance and how they act. No one actually gave the monster a chance, everyone just ran away as soon as they saw the monster. Overall one of the deeper meanings I got out of the book was that everyone is unique in their own way and you shouldn’t be quick to judge people by their appearance and the way they act if you don’t know them well. A famous idiom that connects to this theme and used by many people is “Don’t judge a book by its cover” because you shouldn’t do what the characters in Frankenstein did and judge a person only by their appearance.

In today’s society people are quick to judge on how others look and act without actually knowing who they really are. For example, many people discriminate and judge against LGBTQ people without getting to know them further then knowing they aren’t straight. This connects with the story because when the monster tried to go meet the village people they were frightened from the site of him which made them run away. Some people in today’s society stay away from LGBTQ people because they don’t want to be associated with them because they typically don’t look like what today’s society classifies to be ‘normal’.

The monster was turned away by Victor (his own creator) by just the sight of him so the monster was never taught how to act, react, or properly go about life in today’s world, so he did not know what to do with himself because he had no one to teach him right from wrong. Today we see people that we assume have had no one to teach them right from wrong. The monster connects to people that don’t make the best decisions in life due to not being taught how to handle situation properly. We see these people on the news or in society because they act in a way that isn’t proper and gets them into trouble or in jail.

Overall, I feel that this is one of the deepest meanings from this book. This personally connects with me because I have a really close relative that is gay and he has had many people that have not liked him due to the fact that he is gay. When people actually give him a chance and get to know him well they see that he is no different then them and he is a nice person. I personally don’t judge people that are gay because I know that it is hurtful to others and it isn’t proper to judge people and their own choices. I feel that if people would have given the monster a chance and helped him understand the proper ways of life he would be looked at as a regular person.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, published in New York, New York, Penguin Classics 2003. 257 pages.

Josh Sattler


The deeper meaning for me in Mary Shelly’s book Frankenstein for the first third of the book (chapters 1-8) is to not keep secrets and tell the full truth. What I took in from reading the first 8 chapters is that it is not a good idea to keep secrets, because one of the main events that happened in those chapters was that Victor’s youngest brother William was murdered; Justine is suspected and later executed while Victor knows the truth that it was actually the monster who murdered William but, Victor is too worried and scared to speak up and tell anyone that his creation is the reason the William was murdered. If Victor had stood up and told the truth about the monster and the murder Justine would not have been executed.

I believe this is a very important deeper meaning for a couple of reasons. This book is just one of the hundreds of books and articles that suggest you should tell the truth, as well as there is so many children books that teach kids to tell the truth because it is a widely universal concept that so many people believe in and want everyone to do. Another reason this is a very important universal standard to follow is because telling the truth is has so many benefits; it earns people’s respect and trust, telling the truth attracts others who tell the truth so you are more likely that if you tell the truth the people you are surrounded by will also tell the truth, you don’t feel bad about lying, as well as telling the truth grows our relationships.

When I realized this deeper meaning in the book the main thing I kept thinking about was when I was younger my really close friend and I made a deal with our parents to pickup trash to make the parks near my old house a cleaner place, and in return our parents would give us money for every week that we did it. We just wanted money and didn’t want to actually do the work so we would go to the park, to clean up the park, then we would just play at the park and we would lie and say that we cleaned the whole park but in reality we were just playing at the park. It worked for about a week and then our parents walked past the park and seen we were playing, they knew we had lied and made us clean all 3 of the parks near our house for the next few months while they watched. Due to this we had to do so many chores for not being honest. It absolutely sucked and I wish we had just told the truth and actually cleaned the park.

I personally believe telling the truth and not keeping secrets is a great way to live because you don’t have to stress over if people are gonna catch you in a lie and you don’t have to try and think of a lie or continue lying wasting your precious energy. I think the first part of this book was really good in the sense that it is trying to teach an exceptional concept of life to tell the truth and not hide stuff from people because it will have consequences, in Frankenstein the consequences were Justine is falsely executed for something the monster did and for Victor not telling the truth, well in my example my consequences were chores and cleaning the park for few months. In the book it is a more serious thing to lie about/hide the truth but in both situations lying/keeping secrets resulted in a bad ending.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, published in New York, New York, Penguin Classics 2003. 257 pages.

Josh Sattler

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