Frankenstein, The Emerged

I believe that the┬átitle for Victor’s creation is an unfair one. Frankenstein’s “monster” isn’t really a monster. When he first comes to life, the creation is seen to be quite friendly and peaceful. It is only when Victor rejects His creation, because he despises himself and decides that he doesn’t like what he has done, that the monster turns “evil”. The creation himself is not evil, he feels the he is alone, and hated by everyone. The creation has reason to feel this, for example, when he came across a little girl who fell in the stream and he saved her. When the adult with the girl saw the creation, he immediately shot him. He wanted to be friendly, but he won’t be accepted. This is why the creation seems to be a monster, he is enraged that others won’t accept him. This is what drives him to be a monster, unacceptance. Had he felt that he was liked, I believe that he would not have killed, and people could see him for the kind soul that he is. It is man that made the creature out to be evil, not that he is.


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  1. Frankenstein’s monster tried really hard to deal with the fact that people would not be friends with him because of his appearance but as any man would he crumbled under waves of the masses which screamed and shrieked at his sight. Frankenstein’s monster was indeed not a monster but actually just a man conditioned into madness. Your opinion is my opinion, Frankenstein’s creation should’ve been greeted with curiosity instead of disgust and fear.

  2. Hello,
    Though it is a possibility that the monster may have not killed if it were loved, I would personally think that at the first sign of minor inconvenience, it would lash out and resort to its murderous tendencies. It is not a stretch to say that it doesn’t have a conscience.

  3. The monster really wasn’t all evil, but a kind and peaceful monster. But I hated the fact that everyone he interacted with including his maker, Frankenstein just turned down on him and chased after him. It makes me think of what makes other people turn to hate on others on what their appearance is, whether be race, looks or culture, they don’t get a chance to know them for a few minutes to know how much of a person they are from the inside. Which is what the monster must feel when they never get a chance to talk to him or get to know him.

  4. Hello,
    In regards to your take on Frankenstein’s “Monster”, I find that I must agree. The “Monster”, as so titled, is a docile creation when first awoken and only turns towards monstrous acts when his creator, Victor, and the towns people chose not to accept him. However, I also believe that his title “the Monster”, is so named not only because of his monstrous acts, but also because of his monstrous aesthetic. Had Victor’s creation not looked so horrid, the towns people may have been more accepting. After all, he only became a monster out of grief and loneliness. Had the “Monster” been accepted instead of being made into an outcast, I do agree that the plot of the novel would have been completely different.

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