The last chapters of true story were the best in my opinion, but why is everyone so quick to judge the monster. It really just reminds me of stories about kids getting bullied, the monster looks different, acts different, is just different in general. The other normal people look at him like he’s dangerous and Insane because of his size and strength but when it actually comes down to it the monster didn’t have bad intentions until the end he was able to confess his sins and apologize for them. The only reason he came back to kill victor and his friends / family is to get revenge on victor for breaking a promise to make someone else like the monster so atleast one person didn’t exclude him. Anger took over and he reacted in a violent way because he watched victor violently destroy his future wife the only other person like himself. 


 I believe the monster truly just wanted to be not looked at different, it’s a perfect example of someone with a disease like Down syndrome or autism, sometimes they can look a bit different or act a bit different then us but in the end there some of the nicest people and just want to be accepted just like everyone else. The monster didn’t know how to react he didn’t know any other way then violence. 

    On a separate note that’s exactly why genetic modification should never actually happen just like in Jurassic park they genetically changed and created new species of dinosaurs because they had the technology and it ended up getting out of control completely just like this situation. Genetic modification is something even if we have the technology to do we shouldn’t because of reasons exactly like this whole story. To many problems to be caused between society. 

   Lastly i’m sort of iffy on the schizophrenia idea because if other real people are dying then it could be just a really bad trip but in this situation I think it was just reality of creating a monster. At first I was convinced victor was just in a state of mind where his schizophrenia was being enhanced and the more scared he got of the monster the worse his symptoms got because it seemed as the story went on he was more frightened of the monster. 

   Overall I thought the book was really interesting and enjoyable, definitely recommended for people of all ages.

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