When you squint your eyes traffic lights brighten,

reminding you that the city lights can cause fears to lighten.

And when alone at twilight, looking up at the sky,

street lights bring you comfort as day turns to nigh.

And problems seem to decrease as troubles fade away,

and the joy of life guides you day to day.

But when life makes you feel unwelcome,

don’t let you strength and emotions succumb

to the darkness that haunts our lives,

to the evil that stalks in strides.

Because people who stomp on others will never disappear

no matter how far we banish them, they still come near.

To some their goals are only met with other’s failures

if only their actions cause them to be derailleurs.

But forget about them for a fleeting moment,

and refer to life’s adventures as a bestowment.

Life is a gift, that many take for granted

causing others to feel their life’s unwanted.

So remember the importance of lightening one’s load,

because one day yours may be to heavy to hold.

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