Proper Wording

You used to think words were just their literal meaning, but now they have a personality.

Since is used for clarity
a word not known for rarity
often took for hence
despite the great disparity.
Since knows what he’s saying
thinks before relaying
calmly and collectively
considers before displaying.
Therefore has an intelligent mind
providing answers of all kinds.
Concluding grand ideas
only intellectuals can find.
Therefore is a humble word,
making her often unheard
but supports the point that’s made,
even if she seems absurd.
Due to is a replacement
used when one needs to vent
he replaces the word Because
since he is very frequent
Different from the word Therefore
Due to explains even more.
He’s a scientific nuance
used by English mentors.
Well, Actually is a man
explaining things he doesn’t understand.
Like menstruation, birth control
and why women’s rights are out of hand.
To him, everything’s the opposite
Female scholars are idiots.
So, obligated he informs
why their facts aren’t legitimate.
Additionally is extremely positive
always having ideas to give
always trying new things
and being collaborative.
He tries to fix all problems
even before they are ones
but he often works too hard
and to issues he succumbs
Although is never satisfied
he thinks problems won’t subside.
His outlook on life is negative
In search for issues to arise.
Nothing is ever good enough
Which makes any decision tough.
Always vetoing ideas, never providing
new ones that are up to snuff.
However was on both sides
listening and attempting to abide
she knows all faults and failures
but also all the upsides
She makes difficult decisions
and allows for many revisions
she trusts the facts of both
and chooses with precision.

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