It’s a double meaning that gets me in trouble,
a word and feeling I don’t intend.
Yet, that’s what you hear when I am speaking.
No words could mean love when you feel you don’t deserve it,
but that’s not fault of mine.
It’s you who twists my thoughts and words, manipulating my
very mind.
I didn’t say what you think I said.
I didn’t mean what you think I meant.
And with that you base your anger on manipulating me.


The sand is painless as it falls on my shoulders,
sprinkling me with loving moments and memories.
It piles up around me making sandcastles of my childhood.
I wait for the water to wash it away but it never comes.
The people around me play carelessly, yet I wait as the sand keeps falling.
How come they can’t see the restrictions of this glass house and falling prison.
As time is against us they don’t seem to care that the castles are growing.
As it piles around us, they keep having fun, oblivious to whats to come,
but I know what awaits us as the sand piles up.
The grains of our relationship keep and it’s only a matter of time before we
are buried from the hate you call love.

The Way We Were

The Way We Move

A sway of the hips,

a little interesting.

A seat on their lap,

a little more.

Lips on one’s cheek,

faces all rouged.

Hands in their hair,

Necks all bruised.

Fingers caressing

every line and curve,

as I patiently wait for you

to build up enough nerve

to ask for what you want.

I want to share what I’ve got!

Just remember to ask,

because I’ll have you know,

consent is sexy, but

only green light means go.


The Way We Slept

In each other’s arms,

groped by the other’s figure.

We were closely intertwined,

but we never rested long enough to close our eyes.


The Way We Touched

Your arm stretched out across my shoulders.

Your eyes looking at me.

You want something.

I want to share,

only difference is, you don’t ask.

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