Frankenstein Chapters 17-End Talk

I finished Frankenstein┬ásince my last blog entry and I can easily say that I was very impressed with the way that Mary Shelley could keep the reader as engaged as I was, especially considering that I’m not much of a reader. I actually enjoyed reading this book and while reading it I looked forward to […]

Frankenstein Chapters 8-16 Talk

Since my last blog entry I’ve read another 8 chapters, this book is still getting better and better with each page read and continues to pull me in and excite me for what’s to come. The perspective changes during these chapters from Victor to his monster. This switch in perspective is super effective and demonstrates […]

Frankenstein Chapters 1-8 Talk

So far, I have experienced lots of enjoyment while reading this book. Every page is increasingly better than the last and the writing style and well-described feelings of the characters keep the reader strongly engaged. I’m only a third of the way through this book and it is already giving off strong gothic vibes. An […]