What Will the Creature “Grow Up” to Be Like?

All right guys, this is it…. my last blog. This is going to be a good one, I promise. I also think it will answer one burning question that we’ve all had after finishing the book; what will the creature be like when he’s “grown up”? Because, as we all know, the creature is a cold-blooded killer. And yes, I know the monster is a grown man. But technically, he wasn’t created that long ago. So he’s actually a young child/baby trapped in a monsters body- a really smart toddler in a monsters body. So, if he’s acting as psycho as he is now and he’s really only a baby, how much worse will he get when he gets older? My guess is much, much worse.

In my opinion, the monster could grow up one of two ways: he could be raised by the neglectful and selfish Frankenstein, and the monsters behaviour will only get worse. He will keep killing people, and he will rebel against Frankenstein and get in trouble for small things at first, like stealing from someone’s purse or staying out past curfew. But, if Frankenstein’s neglectful behaviour continues, the monster will become an untrustworthy criminal and will never know what love feels like. He will only grow in to committing worse and worse crimes, and he will become an expert at pushing his loved ones out of his life. He won’t be trusted by anyone because of his stealing, his lies and his killing most of all. All of this takes root when Frankenstein is incapable of being a proper father figure to his “child” and therefore has no authority over the monster, and the monster takes advantage of him and does not resect him like a child should their parents.

Or, there’s the sunny side of things. Let’s say after the book ends, Frankenstein realizes why his “son” is acting out in fits of deadly rage. He realizes that he needs to be responsible for his creation, and he begins to take control of his authority and become the proper parent to his monster. If this were to happen, many lives will be spared. The monster would have a devoted father who cares for him, loves him and teaches him what life as a normal human should be like. Therefore, the rage, the anger, the disobedience will end, and the monster will learn how to act like normal human; he will learn how to love himself and others, how to read and write. He will have no reason to steal from his friends and family, or to go behind their backs and disrespect them. But like any kid, he’ll go through his rebellious teenage phase and maybe sneak out of the house once or twice, but that’s beside the point. The point is, they would be a proper family is Victor just understood how much responsibility he needs to care for his creation properly and not risk any more lives.

So, moral of the story… respect your parents. Kidding, but that isn’t a bad idea either. The moral of this blog is that you are what your parents sculpt you into (for the most part). You watch them, listen to them, and you learn from what they do, say, think, and feel. Not trying to sound condescending here, but take a minute and think… what are your parents like? Do you want to be like them? Are you already? in the monster’s case, he already is a twin of his creator. He is constantly searching for new things and new knowledge, and that ultimately ended up in Victor’s downfall. But that’s a debate for another blog. Instead, remember to respect your parents, and never break their trust.

Thanks for reading.

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