When changing from elementary school to high school many things change, including lunchtime.

At McKinnon Park lunch goes from 11:22 to 12:07. Lunch is in-between period 2 and period 3.

The cafeteria sells a variety of foods and snacks. Prices range from $0.75 to $6.25.

Here’s a list of some foods and drinks that have been sold in the cafeteria before:

Category Drinks Meals Snacks Desserts
Foods to expect… -Hewitt’s milk (white & chocolate)

-Bottled water

-Juice (apple, orange, lemonade, etc.)

-Bubly sparkling water

-Pure Leaf iced tea

-Coffee & tea

-Daily special (cheese cappelletti, chicken burger w/ fries, mac and cheese, etc.)

-Soup (chicken noodle, roasted red pepper, etc.)

-Chicken wraps (caesar and buffalo)

-Sandwiches (chicken bacon, ham and cheese, Italian)

-Salad (caesar)

-Pizza rolls w/ marinara


-Tater tots

 -Veggies and ranch dip

-Fruit salad

-Cheese and crackers

-Bagels (variety of types with either butter or cream cheese)


-Cookies (chocolate chunk, caramel, M&M)

-Fruit popsicles

-NutriGrain bars

Drink vending machines are also available all day and located by the gym doors and at the back of the cafetorium.

Two microwaves are also available at the front of the cafetorium for students to heat up their food.

Students are also able to go out for lunch. Some walking distance restaurants include McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Wendy’s, KFC, A&W, Tim Horton’s, Little Caesars, Tastebuds, Pita Pit, and Subway. Some are closer than others, so be mindful in how long your walk is to get to and from the school. You don’t want to be late for 3rd period.


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