Future Grade Nine Advice -Q & A



Advice For Future Grade Nines Q & A:

Q: What should I bring to class?

A: To every class, bring at least some pencils or pens and binder with paper, highlights are also good when taking notes so you can highlight important information For classes such as math, make sure to also bring a calculator if you have one and maybe a ruler. For art, most supplies are provided for you however you may want to bring your own pencils crayons if you’re specific about colour.  For gym, make sure you always have your gym clothes and shoes.

Q: Should I eat from the cafe?

A: Overall, the cafe at MPSS is pretty good. They sell most types of drinks and a variety of food. I recommend always keeping spare change in your locker because you never know when one of your favourites things maybe being served. Also purchasing food from the cafe helps out the school with fundraising. I also highly recommend the cafe cookies as they are only 75 cents and are really good.

Q: Are the older grades intimidating?

A: No they are not. MPSS is a friendly environment with lots of people willing to help grade nines adjust to high school.

Q: Are exams scary?

A: Exam season can often become stressful but as long as throughout the year you paid attention in class, complete the assignments, and study, exams are often not as bad as you think. Also during this time, the school arranges for actives at lunch such as puppy therapy to help students destress.

Q: What are ISU’s?

A: ISU is short for Independent Study Unit. This just means that at the end of the year in most class you receive a project that is worth a little bit of your grade (for example, 5-10%)

Q: How long should I study for my exams?

A: That depends on how much content you remember from the course and also how much course material there is. However, I would recommend to start looking at your notes and studying three days in advance so you’re not cramming at the last second. Also, the ISU’s you will complete at the end of the year will help you study.

Q: What fun activities happen throughout the year?

A: In the fall, there is high school challenge, usually an intramural tournament like dodgeball or volleyball or fun Halloween activities and for the past to years a dance. In the winter, there is semi-formal, the 12 days of Christmas which is a week of fun activities that usually ends in an intramural. In the spring, there is sometimes a dance and another intramural.

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