Guidance and Learning Services

The Guidance Office
The Learning Services Office

At McKinnon Park,  students are offered assistance through guidance and learning services. Learning Services offers students a place to do work, IEP assistance, get help with assignments, after school homework help, and the breakfast program. The guidance office offers students help with course selections, schedule changes, and other forms of assistance for students.


To use learning services during class time you must ask your teacher that period for permission and they will provide a slip if permission is granted. Once students arrive at learning services they must sign in for attendance to be taken. If a student leaves student services during class they will be given a slip that informs teachers that their student was in learning services and not absent.

The breakfast program runs every morning and ends at 8:45 am, the program provides students with an assortment of foods before classes begin.


To use the guidance office students can book an appointment at the front desk with their councillor and on the date of the students’ appointment, there will be a slip on the students’ desk that they will take to guidance at the time of their appointment. Once students arrive they may take a seat in the waiting area or on the chairs outside of the councillor offices. Informational pamphlets, volunteer sheets, and other useful items can be found in the guidance office.

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