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Death, Death and Even More Death


On August 30th, 1797, in London, England, the would be famous writer who’s work would be read and studied even 2 centuries later, Mary shelly was born. Shelly is most famous for her Champion work, Frankenstein. It makes sense that Shelly would pursue a career in writing seeing as her mother, who died shortly after her Shelly’s birth, Mary Wollstonecraft had also written a book.  After the death of her mother her father remarried to  Mary Jane Clairmont. years later Shelly entered a relationship with Percy Bysshe Shelley who was already married at the time. after some time Shelly and Percy had a baby girl, unfortunately she died shortly after birth. later in the same year she lost her half sister Fanny to suicide and Percy’s wife had also commited suicide. With all this death in her life its no wonder she decided to write a book about so shrouded in death. It would seem the death in the book is inspired by the death in Shelly’s life because both Frankenstein and Shelly lost their mothers. Frankenstein also lost his brother William to the beast he created and his house mate and practically his sister, Justine, had been accused and executed for it. These deaths are symbolic for the death of Shelly’s Half sister. also the Monster Frankenstein created was also dead before being brought to life. perhaps this was symbolic for the fact that Shelly had so much death in her life and she wanted to bring them back. Seeing a she couldn’t do that she wrote about it instead. Even after writing Frankenstein death still followed Shelly she lost another 2 children and in 1822 Percy died in a boating Accident. Moral of the story. If everyone in your life dies. Write a book, you might get rich. No but seriously that really sad. Not a fun time.

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