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In The End…

So the book is finished, and it ended with even more death because that’s what the book needs more death. But after all is said and done, how reliable is the information that we read in the book. After all we heard the information form 3 point of views deep. The information probably isn’t so reliable as the monsters point of view would have been told through Victors point of view and then through Walton’s. How much of what we read is influenced by the others characters personal opinions and ideals. Unfortunately for us we have now way of telling what has been influenced or changed. We can infer that the monsters point of view would have changed drastically, however it does not seem so because it depicts him as a man not as the beast Victor views him as. That said perhaps victor decides to tell his story unbiased out of respect of Walton or for some other reason.  Also another point of worth giving attention to is the future of the monster he said he is to die now but how and why. Sure he has no creator (who never cared about him), no friends, no wife, a pretty garbage life in general, but why die? He could do pretty much anything now. but instead he choses to die. So sad.

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