The Cycle of Hate

The movie Incendies is about two siblings discovering the past of their mother and lost brother. One of the major themes of film is the cycle of hate that is revolves around the conflict between the Muslims and the Christian groups. The two groups try to seek revenge on each other for acts that they did in the past, which keeps the cycle of hate going.  This same theme can be seen in the conflicts between Frankenstein and his creation with opportunities to break the cycle not being taken.

An anti-war poster that shows the cycle of hate.

The cycle begins with the mistreatment of the monster by Frankenstein and other people. After creating the monster, Dr. Frankenstein along with the other humans despise him (Shelly 105). In retaliation, the monster kills William and frames it on Justine, which results in her execution(154). This is the start of the cycle of hate that will continue throughout the book. By loving the monster instead of hating it, Dr. Frankenstein could have prevented the all of the terrible events that came after this and would have made the book a lot less depressing.

Later in the story, Dr. Frankenstein is given the perfect opportunity to break the cycle of hate. After the monster telling him the story of his life, the monster gives him the offer to end the conflict if Victor will create a female monster for him, so that he will not have to live a miserable life alone. Initially, Victor agrees, but later breaks his promise because of is hatred of the monster(159,181). This was a missed opportunity to bury the hatchet and to prevent the body count from rising. If he just looked at the facts instead of his feelings, he would have seen that following through was better in the long run.

The cycle ultimately ends with a disappointing outcome. On the death bed of Dr. Frankenstein he says that, “I feel that burning hatred and ardent desire of revenge I once expressed… The task of his destruction was mine, but I have failed”(235). This shows that even on his death bed, he still desired revenge against the monster that he had created.

It is disappointing to see two people waste so much time and cause the deaths of many people just to seek revenge on each other.  At multiple points it was possible to break the cycle if the two would forget the past and get along with each other, but hatred prevented this. If there is anything to take away from this it would be that getting your revenge is not always the best idea and it would be better to forgive the person and move on with life.

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