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The Cycle of Hate

The movie Incendies is about two siblings discovering the past of their mother and lost brother. One of the major themes of film is the cycle of hate that is revolves around the conflict between the Muslims and the Christian groups. The two groups try to seek revenge on each other for acts that they […]

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Built for Survival

During the monster’s narration in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the monster travels the over 600km journey from Ingolstadt to Geneva, all on foot.¬† During this time, he had to survive against the harsh elements and terrain, while also collecting food. Looking at the conditions of which he had to face will allow one to tell […]

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Frankenstein – The Sci-Fi that’s Nothing Like a Sci-Fi

One of the first stories of the sci-fi genre was the iconic¬†Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. Since its creation in 1823, around 200 years has past and the genre as a whole has changed a lot. Now, Frankenstein does not share a strong resemblance with the science fiction of today. One of the biggest changes in […]

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