Actions have consequences

The law of consequences states that every result or outcome happens because of a reason. Every action a person makes produces some kind of outcome. By carefully considering our consequences of our actions, thoughts, words, or decisions in advance people could avoid the sometimes-terrible consequences that follow our actions. As I have read the first 18 chapters of the Novel Frankenstein by, Mary Shelly I have noticed some of the actions made by the main character in the novel, Victor Frankenstein, these actions are followed by some very fearsome and disturbing consequences.

In the novel, Victor Frankenstein made a series of decisions that led to some major consequences that, for me, changed the book for the better. These decisions included going to school for science and studying philosophy texts, talking to professors that teach philosophy at the university, and then he made the decision to act on his idea, to create life from non-living things. These decisions created a chain of terrible consequences, this consisted of victor being disgusted with the monster he created and disgusted with himself for creating it, which caused mental illness to victor. On top of that, after victor fled the scene, the monster murdered victors little brother, William. The monster then framed Justine, the adopted member of the Frankenstein family, for Williams murder; she was then later hanged for this crime that she did not commit. After realizing the outcome that has happened from creating this life form, Victor, couldn’t help but blame himself and show self-remorse, as shown in the novel when victor says “Justine died, she rested and I was alive. … a weight of despair and remorse pressed on my heart which nothing could remove. … I wandered like an evil spirit, for I had committed deeds of mischief beyond description horrible, and more, much more was yet behind.” (Shelly, 94). All the actions that he had made, led up to this horrible aftermath.

Today, people still don’t realize that our actions have consequences. This is a big problem with society today. With small things like for example, having an affair on your spouse, you took an action and now you must deal with the consequence. people push the boundaries of their actions, and they might not even know it. If everyone could think about the outcome that could happen from their actions before they preform them there could be less tragedy, less heartbreak, and less self-remorse (as shown by victor).



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