Monsters Have Feelings Too!

People NEED to start understanding that not everyone is the same, and that every one has feelings. Like when a kid who grows up in a rough neighborhood and with a rough family, most people automatically assume that this kid isn’t any better than his family, or since he grew up in a rough neighborhood he must be a bad kid when really, he’s the nicest kid you will ever meet. This kind of behavior is demonstrated perfectly in the novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, ever since the Monster was created he has been misunderstood on multiple occasions.

In the novel Frankenstein, the humans take one look at the Monster and are immediately disgusted and push him away. This is seen when the Monster confronts Mr. De Lacey (the blind father in the cottage). Mr. De Lacey actually listened to the Monsters story, since he couldn’t see the Monster and what he looked like, so he couldn’t judge him and he treated him like a human instead of an unwanted animal like his kids. This makes you think about our society today and how it hasn’t really gotten any different.  Today some people will still look at a person of a different race, or someone that has a body deformity or just somebody that doesn’t look like them and they will shut them out, push them away, treat them like garbage. They don’t really consider their feelings, that different person would probably feel unwanted, lonely, and well pretty angry. That is most likely how the Monster felt when Mr. De Lacey’s children pushed him out the door, when really all the Monster wanted was to have someone to talk to and someone to tell his story to.

Another time I noticed the Monster being misunderstood is when he first came to life, this time the offence came from his creator Victor. As soon as Victor created life out of the dead body he had created he was disgusted and instead of being there for his creation he ran off terrified, doing so he left his confused, probably scared monster all alone and this probably mad him feel abandoned and unwelcomed into the life he was brought into. This makes me think of babies who are put up for adoption, it was probably some couple who were to scared to be parents so they left the baby at an orphanage and ran off, and even though that baby didn’t know what was happening to him/her, I can still think, like what if the baby knew what was going on and that, that baby could be thinking that he/she is unwanted and not loved.

It makes me sad to think how about the Monster is treated in the novel Frankenstein, and to think about how some people are treated in society today. What the people don’t understand is that all the Monster wants to do is to make friends, talk to them and tell his story. Its kind of hard to do that when every one who looks at you is terrified and disgusted. If somebody could see past his hideousness he would be a little less lonely and if people could see past other people’s differences, the world could be a little bit better. No body deserves to feel unwanted, lonely and not loved, not even a monster.

Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. New York:Penguin, 2014

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