Is the Monster classified as a zombie?


          A zombie is a corpse said to be brought back to life by witchcraft, this is believed by many religions in Africa and the Caribbean, but the most popular form of a zombie, as seen on the hit T.V. show The Walking Dead, is person who has been turned into a creature capable of movement, but other brain activity, this kind of zombie is said to feed on human flesh. The Monster, from the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, I think can be classified as a zombie, but not in the whole eating human flesh sort of way.


In a way, Shelley’s Monster can be classified as a zombie. The Monster was created by Victor, he was hand made with disgusting, decaying, discolored body parts of different dead corpses, and so he was technically dead before he was brought to life. A zombie was a once alive human being, now dead and discolored corpse that has been brought back to life. The Monster and a zombie are similar in that sense.  Zombies can move their body parts, walk, and groan. When the monster was first created this is all he could do as well, he didn’t know how to speak yet, and could walk and move his body parts, just like the walking dead. Zombies have been known for a while to be horrifying, in the novel Frankenstein, the Monster is horrifying and is frightened by all who sees him.  These are some ways that the Monster could be classified as a zombie.


With that being said, there are many points and qualities of the Monster from the novel, Frankenstein, which could be argued to not be a zombie. For instance the Monster developed the ability to speak, which he learned to do by listening to the cottagers. However zombies cannot talk or speak, all they do is groan. In the Novel the Monster shows emotion, he shows complete despair when Victor dies at the end of the book, he is downhearted when the Delacys kick him out of the cottage. Zombies don’t show emotions, they don’t show sorrow, they don’t show happiness, they don’t show anything.  The Monster kills Victor’s friends and family, he does not eat the flesh of any of them. Zombies eat human flesh that is how they survive and the only thing they know how to do.  These are some arguments that people can make against the Monster being a zombie.


I personally think that the Monster can be classified as a zombie. This opinion can be argued though. What do you think? Can the Monster be classified as a zombie? Or is the Monster just a monster? You decide.


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