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I'm not seeking attention. I want someone to say I'm beautiful because I can't say I'm beautiful. I want someone to want me, because I don't want me. I'm not fishing for compliments. I just want to hear someone say something nice so I (More)
Are my friends, my friends because I'm a nice person? Are my friends, my friends because of who I am? Are my friends, my friends because they genuinely appreciate me, Or, are my friends, my friends because of what I have. Are my friends, (More)
Rules of Body Dysmorphia
To not seem fat, eat less than everyone around you in public To not seem fat, squeeze into smaller clothes than your size To not seem fat, weigh yourself in the morning, before eating and after using the washroom To not see (More)
Double Homicide
The roar of the engine, this mighty beast rumbles as the gears shift and the motor mumbles. Rolling away from a wonderful evening, full of life, full of meaning. Senses are heightened, hearing astound, as the tires crunch and bump on the gr (More)

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