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Tidal Wave
You engulfed me with power, coercion, as your body covered mine, took over mine, I struggled against the undertow. Still, the current carried me away from my body. Separated from myself, watching from the lighthouse, unable to save the ship (More)
One step at a time, but sometimes I can't find my footing. One day at a time, but they pass too quickly with little progress and growing hopelessness. One moment at a time, but time is a construct reminding everyone they are too busy. On (More)
The imprints left behind from a night went wrong, bruises on my arms from grips held too long. Embraces were mistaken for a loving touch, and a smothering kiss for when I spoke too much. "We've been together for awhile," is one of your a (More)
I'm not seeking attention. I want someone to say I'm beautiful because I can't say I'm beautiful. I want someone to want me, because I don't want me. I'm not fishing for compliments. I just want to hear someone say something nice so I (More)
Lips on cheeks, fingers in hair, hands on hips, floating on air. Fingers caressing, butterfly feelings, ideas of loving sound so appealing. One is not ready and feels alone. She says, “I think it’s time to go home.” “Not now, not yet,” (More)

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