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Tidal Wave
You engulfed me with power, coercion, as your body covered mine, took over mine, I struggled against the undertow. Still, the current carried me away from my body. Separated from myself, watching from the lighthouse, unable to save the ship (More)
One step at a time, but sometimes I can't find my footing. One day at a time, but they pass too quickly with little progress and growing hopelessness. One moment at a time, but time is a construct reminding everyone they are too busy. On (More)
The imprints left behind from a night went wrong, bruises on my arms from grips held too long. Embraces were mistaken for a loving touch, and a smothering kiss for when I spoke too much. "We've been together for awhile," is one of your a (More)
I'm not seeking attention. I want someone to say I'm beautiful because I can't say I'm beautiful. I want someone to want me, because I don't want me. I'm not fishing for compliments. I just want to hear someone say something nice so I (More)
I say FEMINIST; You think MAN-HATER. But I don't subscribe to hate in any way, shape, or form! I say CHRISTIAN; You think HOMOPHOBIC. But I don't subscribe to a faith that denounces equality! I say WOMAN; You think GIRL. But I don't subsc (More)
The Way We Were
The Way We Move A sway of the hips, a little interesting. A seat on their lap, a little more. Lips on one's cheek, faces all rouged. Hands in their hair, Necks all bruised. Fingers caressing every line and curve, as I patiently wait (More)
The Little Ones
Pain is felt where you've touched me, though I know you've never hurt me. But those same hands have hurt others, ones I call sisters and brothers. Why you've used such caring arms to cause the little ones some harm. I never will quite underst (More)
Pleading Not Guilty
I'm tired of saying sorry. I'm tired of feeling bad. I'm tired of people telling me to be happy for what I have. I'm sick of disapproving looks. I'm sick of disappointing clicks. I'm sick of people commenting on the many ways that make me tick. (More)
In Spite of You
What is this pain I feel ripping through my chest? My heart keeps pounding and words exploding and I become fragments on the ground. For me, I feel trapped between loving you and hating you. If I leave you'll hate me and hate me still when (More)
The sand is painless as it falls on my shoulders, sprinkling me with loving moments and memories. It piles up around me making sandcastles of my childhood. I wait for the water to wash it away but it never comes. You play around me carelessly a (More)
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