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Filtered Reality
"I really wish i looked like her." "Wow their life is so perfect!" "Why can't I be that happy? "I'm so jealous of her lifestyle." These are just a few things that i have heard come out of the mouths of people i know and it is saddening. (More)
STOP wasting your time!
I think something that we as human beings find hard to do is to set aside the things that are a waste of time in our lives, for things that are actually important and will actually get us somewhere. For example, as a student you have a big paper due (More)
The Little Things
In this day and age everyone is so go go go. We always want what is next to happen now and to be in a different place at a different time. Yet we forget to stop and smell the flowers and all the small things that life gifts us with. These are a few o (More)
Places I Want To Travel Before I Die
I've always loved traveling around and seeing new cultures and ways of life.I want to be able to travel and see it all, and by travel i don't mean fancy hotels. I want to find cool places to stay in local huts and really experience culture in differe (More)
Loving Love
There is many things everyone should look for in a relationship, and many of them shape the kind of person you are. Here are just a few that i came up with. Trust: Trust is the first and perhaps most important predictor of long-term relational s (More)
Self Love 101
I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about who we are as human beings and the things we need to sustain life. Throughout this process i learned that not everything you need is materialist nor is it a "thing". A lot of what we need as people are (More)
M is for Mindfullness
Something that i think that is very important to practice in our daily lives is mindfulness. mind·ful·ness: a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, (More)
"So where are you going next year?"
"What schools have you applied to?" "Have you gotten into any programs?" "What do you want to do with your life?" If your a student between the ages of 16-19 you will recognize these questions. I find it pretty insane that we are given th (More)
Things you NEED to be doing
Living a healthy lifestyle is so important to feel good about yourself and the people and world around you. People need to live more for themselves rather than others. I decided to make a list on things you should try to do to live a more physically (More)

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