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The Beginning: Lost in Translation
Have you ever thought of a feeling or experience but realized that there is no actual word to explain exactly what you mean? Around the world, individuals have created words in order to properly explain the way they feel when experiencing certain sit (More)
Entwined: Lost in Translation
Sometimes we get lost in where we belong, but we have to remember that together we are connected. The lives of those around the world, though different, are all important and are all entwined with one another. These words allow us to communicate glob (More)
Written: Lost in Translation
Our words mean something important, whether we choose to believe it or not. What we write and what we share with the world impacts others; it has the capability to touch the lives of others and change the way they see the world. So let's write, about (More)
Solitude: Lost in Translation
It's okay to be alone sometimes, it can even be important. Do not forget how significant you are and how many people you influence. And when you think of such things, remember that even when you are alone, you are not forgotten. You start up the snow (More)

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