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I'm the Villain
Along the dark alleys, hidden in shadows, criminals reap what they think they're owed. But truly, amongst them, are those who bring shame Not friends of justice, but foes. They're all just the same, people ready to blame the failing syste (More)
Toronto in a Snapshot
A Day in Toronto Early Morning, Start your day. Brush your teeth, Be on your way. Bus is running, Don't be late Better hurry, Don't make them wait! Butts on seats, Names are called. Wheels are rolling, "Hope we got 'em all." Windows (More)
My Review of the Shining
All suspense and no action makes the Shining a dull movie.  All suspense and no action makes the Shining a dull movie. All suspense and no action makes the Shining a dull movie. All suspense and no action makes the Shining a dull movie. All suspense (More)
Rock the House
Who could have ever thought that a rock band could impact and critique society as accurately and effectively as the band, Gorillaz, has. Having been formed in 1997, Gorillaz has used many different art forms and music genres to inform the public of g (More)
This Too Shall Not Pass
In a world consumed by meaningless entertainment, guided by reality television and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" how can we expect to nourish our minds and the minds of our future generations. For many, the idea of political, critical or even tho (More)
Nosedive: This Generation's Plunge into Social Media
For many individuals before me, it may be hard to imagine how distracted our generation may be. We have become so obsessed with the things we post online or present to our peers; we live, "[d]istracted from distraction by distraction," states famous (More)
The Problem with Batman
As a child, I had always loved batman; I would watch The Adventures of Batman and Robin on Teletoon Retro and play with my brother's toys. However, the very seriousness o (More)
An Analysis and Recreation of New Age Art
Only since the 1980s has the idea of graffiti coincided with true and stylistic art forms. While still illegal on public property, street art has truly evolved to become one of the most recognized mediums of art around the world. More)
A Dim Review of the Shining
Imagine sitting in a class full of movie buffs about to watch one of the most well known horror movies of western cinema and being disappointed extremely. The Shining, while very intriguing and suspenseful, never seemed to live up to my expectations (More)

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