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Musical Genius Strikes Iceland (and My Heart)
The artist that I would like to spotlight next would be Kaleo, an up and coming Icelandic band who melds the sounds of folk and blues together to create something blissful. Yes, blissful. The band is made up by three guys who have been friends (More)
The Heist and This Unruly Mess I've Made
When I think about the media and the effects that it has on our society, I wonderMore)
Stromae the Maestro
While my heart lies with English artists, Ed Sheeran I'm looking at you, I do have a deep respect for those who produce music in different languages. More)
Cover Songs Vs Original
I will always be the first to say that the original of anything is better. It's hard to even suggest that the sequel product inspired would even live up to the success as the original, but it happens. Sometimes the new product can surprise you. In (More)

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