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Tay's World, Meet The Real World
As of June 27th 2017 at around one in the afternoon I will no longer be a high school student. and here is how i feel about it, It's weird to think that one day in the next few weeks i'll be taking my last high school test and i'll have my last (More)
Balancing Life and Other Stuff
Something i have learned, while being a student is that balancing everything that you have on the go is very hard to do. When you look at other people you may think that they have their lives put together but under the surface they are just trying to (More)
Meet Taylor
1. Music is my strongest passion. I love to play instruments, such as the Guitar and Ukulele and I ALWAYS have music playing in the background no matter what i am doing. 2. I enjoy adventures and day trips with my boyfriend Stephen, we're always f (More)

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