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Never Again
I never understand why others feel the need to blame one when their life isn't going well, especially if it's not their fault. I'm not the reason your life went rogue, so don't blame me for where you go. I know you miss me looking like I'm fro (More)
A Girl Who Doesn't Like Herself
Sometimes a person won't like the way they look, but for me, I sometimes see flaws that aren't really there. A reflection, a likeness of myself even if I don't like myself. It is me, myself, and I don't like who's staring back, at lea (More)
Why do I turn my back from those who really love me? Why don't I tune my heart to those who really care? I am worried that if I love them too I'll drag them into what I've been through that they will run and they will hide because of the emot (More)
Luck Doesn't Exist
I'm stuck my feet in the muck of the wrongful demands from those who have luck on their sides. Is it fair, that I'm here stuck in place cannot stray from the things they call right the things they call true Is it a matter of decidin (More)
When you squint your eyes traffic lights brighten, reminding you that the city lights can cause fears to lighten. And when alone at twilight, looking up at the sky, street lights bring you comfort as day turns to nigh. And problems seem (More)
Dance with me please, or lets talk for awhile. Cause I like when I’m with you, when you make me smile. I could converse forever with someone like you. Someone who listens and talks to me too. Maybe I’m this way because of my past, how I f (More)
Pillows, blankets, and suitcases filled to the brim stuffed in the trunk of my car as I leave on a whim. Running away has always been second nature to me, when life gets too tough, I pack up and flee. I leave everything behind and I start somewh (More)
Mixed Feelings
If I spend a large amount of my time perfecting my looks, does it make me vain? Or is my self-consciousness harmful enough to be considered pain? I'm better off without him, without looking in the mirror too. But somehow their feelings abou (More)
The Beating of the Drum
You used to hurt me and make it seem an accident. You used to hurt me and blame me for my pain. But I have since noticed your abuse… And now you hurt me on purpose and you know that I know you do. You used to say you love me, but I don’t (More)
Mind Games
“Am I a brat, I often wonder; many seem to think so. They think I hate him because I’m selfish, but there are many things they don’t know. They don’t know how he slapped her, my poor little sister. They don’t know how I wish that he was just (More)

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