What if?

What if Victor didn’t mess up as many times as he did, like for example, creating the monster. What if Victor didn’t study science at all and became something completely different, like Apothecary, or even got into the “trades”, then the book would have been completely different and either extremely boring or really interesting. either way though, the book would never be as popular as the way it is written now.

What if victor didn’t pick up that book “Cornelius Agrippa”, or if his father told him how much of a wast of time it really was, Victor would have never wanted to explore the books theory’s and he would have not gone to Ingolstadt and would have definitely not created the monster. Than the monster would had never murdered William to get back at Victor, and Justine would have never been accused of murder and killed for it. But, say victor did read the book and he gets hooked on that type of theory and then goes on to create the monster, but does not run away from the monster and stays with it and maybe works further on the monster to improve it and make it better, and also listen to the monster’s concerns, like how the monster wanted a Victor to make another monster so the first monster wont be lonely.

Finally, what if Victor was a girl. None of this would have happened because “she” would most likely not be interested in science and biology, even if she was she would have not been able to go to university or collage to study it. Than the monster can never be created and no one can be murdered by it trying to get revenge on the guy version of Victor. the story would also be completely different and possible even more boring and I would definitely not be writing this blog about the book. There is many more odd “what if’s” or maybe interesting ones, but I haven’t read that far and these are the only ones I can think of.



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