Hello Blogging-verse

Welcome to my brand new blog!!

This is part of a great pilot program being launched in Grand Erie that I was extremely excited to be part of!!

This is where you will find stimulating thoughts, stories and situations within the school environment that I hope people will use to reflect, collaborate and innovate themselves!

This space will not only be for entirely myself, but also stories from my students, colleagues and friends as well.

Thanks for taking an interest, I hope you come back to visit, share and learn all the while having a few good laughs too!


Mr. J. Archer

Email: joseph.archer@granderie.ca

Twitter: @ArcherJoe

B.A., Arts, M.ED, E.C.E

Digital Lead Learner in Grand Erie

Remind Connected Educator

Husband, Father of Three Crazy Kids

Norfolk Station #2 Fire Fighter 218





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