A new ‘experience’ in Grand Erie…

So with technology flowing and being continuously infused within our buildings; Grand Erie is piloting many Tech Based programs this year.

Being a Digital Lead Learner (DLL) is exciting as we see and hear of various pilot project prior to many being release to the masses within the Board. Currently I am leading a Student Ed Tech Team in Hagersville Elementary @HESGEDSB, along with piloting scholastics Zorbits Math Applications (Which we are still working out minor bugs – almost there though), as well as jumping into something I have recently started playing around with last month in @Wordpress; Blogs.

In Grand Erie the Tech Team composed of some awesome people; Jeff Dumoulin, Norma Bingham and Christopher Bates brought in a new Edublogs innovative for personal and classroom blogs.

Personally I do not have a lot of experience with Blogs, however I have been following a few ‘Whales’ if you will; Brenda Blancher (Our Director) and her ‘Grand Connections’ as well as George Corous and his various postings on multiple subject matter. It was actually George that recommend I explore using WordPress to share thoughts and experiences and collaborate with other, so I gave it a shot and quick enjoy writing on various topics.

When an email came through to pilot a EduBlogs within Grand Erie I was excited to jump on Board and give it a whirl and see how things go.

The EduBlog site itself is infused with lots of options to create a very unique, appealing blog to share with others. With a few minor trouble shooting issues it’s starting to look pretty cool and is beginning to be able to do some of the things I am hoping to do, such as networking with others, sharing classroom experience, moments and learning too. What I really like is how we can insert students into this program similar to a ‘Ning’; which is a great resource, however there is a monthly cost of $25, so I am thinking this will become more and more popular and useful with more usage and more ‘play-time’ within the site itself too.

By allowing the students to become a member and sharing / posting work samples and whatnot we can brainstorm / network and innovate new ‘deeper’ work that encompasses depth and shows thorough understanding of the inquiries and learning occurring within classrooms. Now, being new to this I could be wrong but I am beginning to see a lot of potential embedded within EduBlogs!

Currently being placed in Kindergarten this page would be mostly for my DECE; Krista and I along with Teaching Students to share the learning occurring, but in Late Primary, Junior and for sure Intermediate Classrooms students will become very active members and contributors that will build a innovative culture of collaboration in a digital space to help support each others learning.

I am very excited to see what next years placement holds for me as this would be a fantastic tool to incorporate within a program with students capable of learning the tool and trade of blogging and networking!!

The future look bright people, I cannot wait to see what EduBlogs becomes for students, families and teachers too!

One thought on “A new ‘experience’ in Grand Erie…

  1. What a great post, Joe!

    I will look forward to more of our Grand Erie “peeps” blogging together !!!

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