Extra Curricular Digital Learning….

So, I just completed a 3 week online, digital Ipad training coarse that was fantastic!!

The course had 7 Webinars that other Educators created and are sharing various resources to part of the Simple K12 Teacher Learning Community, which can be found online and you can join for a small fee. This site has so many awesome digital learning resources, webinars and tutorials from various educators around the world on all topics within education too.

Video #1: The Ipad Teacher Learning Community (Ipad basics and really cool features that people do not know are embedded within Ipads).

Video #2: 20 + Apps for the Classroom (Tellagami, Socrative, EZ Grade, Nasa Earth and Space, Voice Threads, Spelling City, TED, Quizlet, Smithsonian, Project Noah etc…) so many great apps they showed and explained how they are being used within the classroom. The downside is not to many of these awesome resources are available on our Microsoft Devices.

Video #3: Lesson Planning on Ipads (Using the SAMR Model) which all Digital Lead Learners need to know and thoroughly understand in order to comprehend and deliver a Flipped Classroom.

Video #4: Apps for Classroom Management (Lots of amazing features that are digitally shared to parents too).

Video #5: Assessing Student Learning with Ipads; socrative is something discussed and I love how there is a student, parent and teacher App / Website that all can share and collaborate together (Restrictions built within program for sharing ONLY with students family members controlled by teacher).

Video #6: Ipad Reading Apps (I really loved this one! So many great Apps and awesome Websites for all grade levels even 9-12).

Video #7: Using Digital Storytelling on Ipads to Foster Key Skills (By far THE BEST tutorial) This one works with sharing Apps for Literacy Elements Using Illustrations, Describing Key Details in Literacy Elements, Convey Ideas Through Writing, Using Tech for Collaboration and Encouraging Digital Citizenship.


I would highly recommend anyone using Ipads within their classrooms to give this Certification a go, its very useful and the amount of Confidence I now have with Ipad usage in the classroom has greatly improved!!





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