Onenote Rocks!!

So, here we are again and I just wanted to share Onenote through a new means; via my Edublog (its been a while anyways, so I am over due).

Let me start with the Onenote Website, which has lots of fabulous resources and ‘learning tools’ (Gosh I am a witty fella) that anyone can access to learn, relearn and relearn again and again:

Onenote for Teachers

Also something a colleague of our within Grand Erie set up and lead;  Jeff Dumoulin’s Onenote Webinar he conducted to share ‘The Greatest Binder Ever’, this is an some insight that Jeff shares on Onenote:

For years OneNote was one of Microsoft’s best kept secrets. More recently it is being discovered by educators around the world for many different uses. Essentially OneNote is an electronic binder sorted into section groups, sections and pages – each page can contain digital ink, text, web links, pictures, audio, video, and files (of almost any type). When OneNote Notebooks are saved in OneDrive, they become syncable and shareable, meaning they can be accessed on almost any device and can be used for a variety of collaborative tasks involving multiple users at the same time. Come see how Microsoft OneNote and “OneNote Class Notebooks” can support powerful learning opportunities in your classroom or school.  

Participants will learn how OneNote (and OneDrive) can be used to build shareable/syncable Notebooks for a variety of tasks including teacher course binders, class (student) course binders, and group meeting or project planning.

If interested I am sure Jeff would be more then happy to share his experience and Webinar with Onenote to you, as he presented the ‘Greatest Binder Ever’ at this years Niagara Connect Conference. You can touch based with Jeff via @JeffDumoulin via his twitter handle.

Secondy I wanted to also share what wee at Hagersville Elementary school hosted and shared with our wonderful friends across Grand Erie through a ‘Onenote Learning Tools’ Webinar:

Learning Tools Webinar

And lastly through one of the most active and wonderful Onenote promoters via twitter @msonenote shared today with me that Office Lens is now embedded within Onenote now!

How to access Office Lens in Onenote

For those not aware of Office Lens it was in Beta version via phone apps, that would take a picture and insert directly through Office Lens into a pre-determined Onenote page, then the actual photo taken through Office Lens that is NOW embedded within Onenote can then be read through the Learning Tools; Immersive Reader (which is super cool).

Finally, my experience with Onenote. My DEC; Krista King @kristaking85 and I have been using Onenote for Documentation in Kindergarten for two years now, we started documenting everything! Oh boy talk about exhausting and not enough time to annotate anything, so we adapted and reset and now focus entirely on Literacy and Math ONLY.

Literacy Onenote is divided up between SK’s and JK’s. Then within each we have the students, and within the students pages we created subtabs for all KCSAP literacy forms (which we adapted directly into check box format within Onenote), LLI, Guided Reading Groups, voice threads of reading, writing photos etc….so many to mention.

Math is basically set up in the same manner.

What I will say about Onenote is this…..It ROCKS!! This tool allows Krista and I to dually document students learning jointly! We work amazingly as a team, but this tool allows US to take things up a notch!! All kinder staff (Teacher, DECE, EA, LRT, Principal and sometimes even Parents) can all work together within Onenote to deliver and monitor student progress, regression and learning through a fantastic visual means.

Onenote even stepped things up and now allow you to insert Sways, Storify Storylines now within the program too. So now Onenote has ‘Storyboards’ of class collaborative learning through inquiry experiences embedded now too! Talk about a wonderful program!

On a side note, I need to give a shout out to Krista. She has been my partner for two years now, we have worked very hard together to create and implement a fantastic program! She has grown and learned so much along the way and pushed me to learn and become that much stronger of an educator as well! This year will be our last together, as I am moving into Grade Three next year for a new journey! A couple weeks ago Krista mentioned to me that ‘its like we are going through a kinder divorce’. Its so amazing how tight you become to your partner in Kinderland (the land of boogers, tears and full moons in the afternoon), but this for me is by far the best part of the program and I wish everyone would look at their partner and become one as Krista and I have become in the last two years! Our program is so much better for it, and the children are the benefactors of our teamwork, hence the ONLY measuring factor that needs to be considered!

Krista by the way is one of our lead people in Grand Erie supporting Onenote throughout the Board! Need help she is more then willing to chat about it (and everything and anything else for that matter too!! hehe you know I love ya but my god insert a mute button this summer….jk).

Next year she will be working with another amazing lady @MrsNewhouse_ they will rock Kinder just as Krista and I have the last two years! Good luck you two!! Have fun together!!

Back to Onenote (sorry for side note), don’t know of it?!!? Look into it you are all missing out!!

Currently I am working on creating a Onenote Grade Three Day Book, that I will embed al my lessons via paperless means within this Notebook (still working on some minor kinks but getting close to something that looks great and will work!

As always stay tunned for more news, I love sharing my ups and downs with others and collaborating and learning along with you all!!





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