Here we go again!

Well its almost that time again to go back to school and get working!

I can honestly say this summer (8th as a teacher) I finally got into the groove to make it through the entire summer without getting the ‘itch’ to go back in early August. I currently am trickling away at various things to start transitioning back to work and I still have yet to get that itch….guess I finally made it into the world of teaching.

This summer I have spent a lot of time doing online learning (AQ’s and Microsoft Coarses) and I am eager to use this new found knowledge this year with my students.

For those wondering; I am no longer in Kindergarten as I asked for a change of pace (I always said I did not want to do the same gig more then 5 years). My kids at home are Kinder aged and it was beginning to be too much of the ‘same thing’ for me and I was beginning to resent my students and my kids and I really didn’t like that feeling. So off to a new adventure in Grade 3.

I am thoroughly looking forward to this awesome curriculum as it falls within my wheelhouse and also is within my realm of understanding for math as well (I am not a math person by any means).

So the planning is slowly developing and the progress is been somewhat tedious,  but for an entirely different reason this year. I am planning on venturing into the world of a paperless classroom and into 21C Learning as much as possible with my students. Microsoft has taught me a lot that I want to incorporate into my programming and with a spin on things I am calling ‘Inquiring Grade 3’ along with ICT mentality this year is going to be a year of ‘flying’ and ‘going’ with students inquiring minds and letting them become co-creators of what they will be learning within the grade 3 curriculum (to some degree….I know many of you took a deep breath and thought oh no!).

With a entirely new mindset and educational philosophy I am attempting this year I am hoping to bridge some learning gaps and thought process that the old means / ways of learning will fade away and become more centered around collaborative problem solving. I guess ‘Tribes’ would be somewhat of the mindset I want to inspire this year, as I take my students in to the new world of learning 21C style; going at things Inquiring, Questioning, Researching and focusing on Real World Learning and Problems that we can Collaborate in Teams, Groups and Together as an Entire Classroom.

The focus will be around incorporating curriculum content but with a real world application; I will begin with a topic and question students where and or how this / that can or could be applied within everyday life and start from this point…….I know as a student I never gave any time nor effort to anything that did not seem useful and or helpful in my life – so I will not be doing it to my new kids!

With Technology and a new Collaborative Mindset I will hopefully begin my students on a new educational journey into a new learning mindset as well.

Very excited to start this journey and try something entirely new on my first year in grade three!!

I laugh looking back at my classroom experience as I did 5 years in a Mixed Exceptionalities Classroom (Special Ed.) and then 4 years in kindergarten….its a different route but it was full of many amazing learning experiences that will forever be with me!!

I laugh because I am an ‘extra special person’ I have a sense of humor many do not get, I have a unique teaching style people do not appreciate nor understand just like my former Special Ed Students. I also laugh because ALL kids take 2 years to venture out of Kindergarten and it took me 4 years…..yep extra special indeed!! hehe

I laugh because I am still a big kid just like the Kinder’s I taught the last few years; just asked Krista King if you do not believe me!!

But most of all I laugh at everyone not willing to go to the ends of the earth to find your own personal way of relating and becoming someone all students can enjoy and learn from. I laugh because I know all my kids stories and life experiences, I laugh because many are Toronto Maple Leaf fans (thanks to their parents) and I laugh because I will teach them that hope is misguided if you are a Leaf fan!

I laugh because……I can, I laugh with my students, at my students and together with all my former and future students I will always laugh and have fun teaching, learning, collaborating wit and sharing them all……..entirely MY WAY and its totally OK!

Be yourself, don’t change for anyone! Rock it your way and have fun with it people!! I know I do!!

Until next time……..

One thought on “Here we go again!

  1. I laugh alongside you because I know the joy that comes from finding your own way with your own students (much like finding your own way with your own children). I laugh because I share (somewhat) your sense of humour and can imagine the conversations that will take place in your classroom with your students. I laugh because I totally get this blog post 🙂 I laugh because I am so privileged to work with others like you. You have made my day!!!

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