Eerie Elementary; A Character Study…

Ok guys and gals!

(Wednesday’s Work);


Lets chat about Sam and Mr. Nekoibe from Jack Chabert’s novel Eerie Elementary ‘The School is Alive’. I would like to know your thoughts and feelings about one or the other or both. I would like you to make a connection to one of the characters and explain why as well! So, let do this thing! What do you think troops?!?!


19 thoughts on “Eerie Elementary; A Character Study…

  1. I think Sam is pushed into a job that he does not want, but the person who give him the job must have a reason for giving it to Sam. I wonder why he gave the Hall Monitor job to Sam! What does everyone else think?

  2. I think that sam is nice becuase he makes everybody on time in their right class at the right time and he has very brave because when he was on the swing he got pulled in to the sand and was yelling for help and MR.Nacoibei grabed his hand and seid this will be the last time because the sand was eating his lags till it came up to his kneck.

  3. Bang , bang , bang , bang ……….. Sam screamed aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Lucy guleped Antonio made a puddle under neith him. And MR. Nacobie was asleep and Antonio ran to the bathroom before he woke up he grabed toilet paper and wiped his bum and grabed extra to clean up the puddle before MR.Nacobie woke up so after he cleaned it up then MR.Nacobie woke up and smelled the pee they were introuble .so MR.NACOBIE went incide their classroom and seid who made a puddle Antonio seid me on acsedint so he was in detencion the end .

  4. After school Sam and his friends stayed at school to see if the school was alive. All of the doors slamed shout. the

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