@Sway Training with Archer’s 3’s

Today we began our jump into uncharted territory with my grade 3’s, as we ventured into Sway and Onenote for Collaboration and brainstorming.

We were lucky enough to have Kara Golani @karagolani on twitter a #MiEExpert to come in and work with the kids and help me wrap my mind and forethought around a few things and how I can and would integrate the tech into a paperless classroom.

We had some minor ‘blips’ in the road but the mistakes, trials and tribulations and ‘opps’ showed Kara and I how to plan and implement a problem free (Knock on wood) potentially planned lesson and activities heading forward!

I would love for everyone to take a gander at the @sway I made of the students learning and working with sway themselves for a birds eye view into my day at @Sway Training with Archer’s 3’s.

I would love to hear what people think and their thoughts, feelings and or potential future learning and where I can take things…..what I am thinking is creating math sways helping students problem solve using various strategies to solve the same question. Sways on geographical regions in Ontario, types of communities within Ontario to link to the Ontario Curriculum as well. Taking these and then creating a bank within our Microsoft Classroom in our Class Notebook for others to view and access along with my students.

Let me know what you all think please!!

Also a big shout out to Kara!! Thanks you are / were awesome!!


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