2017 Here we come!

Hey All!

Been a while since last posting, but looking ahead to a new year a transition if you will into a new unknown uncharted territory…

Just like any new experience we are entering a time of unknowns, no pre-written history nothing whatsoever….a new year means starting fresh and taking chances, making leaps and bounds and trying something new you may have been pondering about for a while now. Well 2017 is here is and your time is now, if you ever considered / thoughts of trying something new ‘get to it’ now!

As I look ahead I am thinking continue expanding my horizon within the new primary / junior classroom in grade 3. Continue my personal growth and development in math (not my thing, but trying hard) with my ‘tech spin’ on the math and ‘Number Talks’ supporting my personal growth. A big thanks to Jennifer Henrichs at Bellview for meeting often through Skypes to share and connect with Number Talks! Such a powerful tool and using Skype brings our vast Board so much closer together in our learning journeys!

A close friend and colleague Krista King and I are venturing with former Nippising student; Nicholas Reynolds and current student Presley Sibbick on opening our doors after hours for inspiring parents to learn the new wave of educational tech. Monthly at Hagersville Elementary we are offering training on various programs such as Onenote, Sway, Office Mix, Snip, etc….lots of amazing tools within the Microsoft O365 Account that are free for parents and all students in Grand Erie! I am looking forward to working with this team of great educators to support our parents at home to support the Board’s Parental Engagement piece of Director Blancher’s 5 year plan.

Moving ahead within the classroom my students and I will be venturing and exploring Onenote Classroom Notebooks, along side parents. By using this tool we can get closer to a paperless model classroom. This is going to be a rather large leap, Onenote; although super useful is very abstract for grade 3 students, however based on the work to date I think we are ready to explore this new learning environment.

Something we are looking at is bringing a Camp 21 into Hagersville Elementary for parents, community members and all educators within the surrounding area. I was lucky enough to go to Hamilton, Brock Campus during the summer and experience a Camp 21 there, and my lofty goal is to expand this concept and bring to Hagersville this year. This is a HUGE undertaking os not sure how it will pan out, or what this may look like in its inaurgral launch but I am going to try and see what happens.

Professional development has always been a huge reflection piece for myself. I have much more work to do on this field of personal development to reach my own five year goal and plans, hoping this calendar year will get me closer to my goal!

So, reviewing my own work; as I have always been extremely wordy I wanted to keep my postings to a 500 word limit. I am a little over now, so stay tuned for much more to come!




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