Coding is it all around us?!?!

Coding…sounds simple; and it is, but so much more behind the simple process of coding and programming may be a lot more then what I originally believed!

So, a short little anecdote to this was about three weeks back my son received a checkerboard set for Christmas. He was eager to learn and play so I set out teaching him the game of checkers. To my surprise I began using language and terminology similar to coding (I.e., statement, if statements and circuits). As we were walking through steps to moving pieces on the board, I began; “Prior to moving think this…’if I move my piece here….this could / would happen’ always keep you finger on your piece and always ensure you have a second option, or even a third….and also think is there a better option or choice” we began moving and playing and my busy son stated; “Dad, this is just like Box Island on my Ipad”

For those of you whom are unfamiliar with Box Island; this would be the most basic apple based coding I personally have found. My three year old children play it, as well as my former kindergarten friends. Box Island does all the basic statements but in left, right, forward an backwards manner slowly increasing in difficulty as you complete each problem at hand. I would HIGHLY suggest this app as a primary step towards becoming fluent in code.

Funny looking back and not knowing prior to our checkers session that behind the game of checker itself is coding. I was flabbergasted and also thought I need to keep an open mind and reflect to see if coding is behind anything else I did not realize. Well, low and behold coding jumped out again while visiting my mother in law and trying to set her thermostat. While programing the thermostat I had to set times and temperature settings, which then increased in difficulty when changing the ‘routine’ during the work week….I thought there must be an easier way….wait coding says circuits can help, so by taking a short series of temperature settings I could program / code a sequence during the work week hours, yet also pre-program the majority of the after hours temperature settings, as well as weekend settings as well. Hmmmm is coding behind everything??

Think; I have a keyless entry to my truck, ‘if’ I hit this button is locks, ‘if’ I hit that button it unlocks, ‘if then I want it to preheat’ before driving to work I can set the circuit and turn on and run my trucks engine for 5/10/15 minute durations. ‘If’ I also set more code behind that I can pre-program and or turn up my windshield defroster ‘if’ its really cold outside. Wow more coding!!

Now, being a man of science and requiring much more then faith to fully believe, could a ‘being’ of some sort and matter pre-program and develop reality the way we see and live within it via code? This is where I am at now behind and with my ‘coding understanding’ – maybe ‘String Theory’ needs some coding understanding behind the quantum physics and whatnot before I can fully become fully immersed within the believers releam. I want to believe, I really, really do BUT the academic within me says I need evidence.

Can anyone prior insight into this for me?!?! I would love to hear others thoughts and ideas behind this!!

Also please provide other examples of code in our natural world to show the power and evidence of a grand designer ‘if’ possible…..


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