Blogging in 2017

So, here we go again!

This year one of my personal professional resolutions is to try blogging much ore often sharing and networking with others.

Just recently tonight I was chatting via twitter (please follow @ArcherJoe) with a friend @Mrs_Gozzard aka Cynthia whom read my past blog. She mentioned she would love a room to try new things with and I was thinking with the world of technology even though Mrs. Gozzard is not a classroom teacher using Skype and her amazing technological skills she could teach within ANY classroom. Being one of my fellow MIExpert colleagues Cynthia is always willing and able to try out an abstract idea and or concept and make it reality! So, eager to see what transforms from this conversation!

Blogging itself is another way of networking! Its a great way to share thoughts and ideas with others. I personally love reading George Couros @gcouros and Angela Maiers @AngelaMaiers their reflections and thoughts always have me pondering and trying new things myself as a professional all through another favourite tool of mine @Twitter. I have found twitter has taken my professional PLN to new heights and levels, its expanded my horizons in math (not a favourite of mine) to a point of confidence now, I use to be afraid and very reluctant die to past experience with Numeracy. Now using my Twitter PLN I am loving Number Talks, skypes with various professionals using Number Talks (Bellview PS @MrshinrichsT and also a Math Instructional Coach @mr_cottam).

Through blogs we hear the voices and experiences of other professionals. We experience the world in their shoes and try to gather and construct meaning from their world into something that could come into our personal classrooms. Blogs are empowering if used and reviewed with a gain of salt. George and Angela are ‘High Flyers’ yet IF I take something from anything they imply and share its more than what I had prior to reading the blog. A word of warning; do not become someone else, do not try exactly what others are doing and become worried you are not as good as others…make IT (whatever it may be) yours. Take that ‘Something’ and put an ‘Archer Spin’ on a ‘Couros / Maiers’ idea. You are not, nor will ever be them, so be ‘Innovative’ as @gcouros consistently blogs about and make you mark!

One of my most favourite people to converse with; Norma aka @NormaGEDSB (Whom is a curriculum connection Goddess) always pushes my limits and always informs me to share my thoughts and experiences (stay tuned for our Mbot experience prior to Christmas). Blogging will be my voice, my mode of transferring my experience to you all, along with twitter! These two tools can an will transform your educational philosophy, professional boundaries and bring new and exciting experiences / inquiries and learning to classroom around you not only yours!

Become a voice! Become a member of the Grand Erie PLN using Blogs and Twitter to share the success’ and even failures! As failures are sure fire signs of attempts of trying something new! Failures are the strongest means of learning, failing is the true journey towards achievement and understanding! Blog about this, these, everything and anything you are wondering and pondering! Blog about questions you may have, do not be afraid to as for help! Twitter has many ears, and many experienced ‘failures’ whom have overcome odds and found a success behind multiple attempts….if someone can’t help, twitter PLN’s know of someone whom can help, or even someone who may know someone else that may know someone!

Let the 21 century technology and blogs / twitter be your greatest asset heading into 2017!

Best wishes in 2017 GEDSB and all Educators globally! I thoroughly look forward to ‘failing and overcoming’ with you all this new year! Lets Make It Grand (Like that spin on things GEDSB?).

Please share your blogs with me via twitter! I love reading them @ArcherJoe so I can take them all back to @HESGEDSB and @JaniceGEDSB (Our awesome principal at Hagersville Elementary).

Let the Blogging begin……

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