X-men; First Class…a concept to consider… ‘X-Educators’

Watching X-men; First Class today with my little buddy!

I cannot help but think and reflect upon our jobs as educators and consider our job and the power we have within our grasp similar to the X-men which we can inflict, instill and most of all empower into our students, families and communities in which we all work within.

We have an uncanny ability to mold, model and create citizens of the future; of which will be our leaders, innovators and even friends at some point in time. These students we see, create and provide learning opportunities for each and every day will become those of which will run, work and support our towns, communities potentially even Country one day. These will be the individuals in which oversee the world for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

We have a responsibility to ensure we provide our past, current and future students with all they will require, need and use to make our world productive, proactive and supportive for all! Learning opportunities come and go, but inquiry and problem solving are behind all types of curriculum content and strands we are covering throughout the year. By taking things into a new realm, flipping a classroom and letting the students become the leads in the learning is at a pinnacle at this point in time. Problem solving in a collaborative inquiry manner will be extremely important for them to instill and become superstars, champions even at this type of learning.

Gone are the days of full teacher directed, book read and summarize of information, now is the time of constant reflections, innovation and collaboration with one another globally across all boarders, time zones. The world of technology provides us with the X-men super power to ensure this means of learning become innate and natural.

Microsoft with their O365 account with all the tools of the trade; Onenote, Word, Excel, Sway, Office Mix, Forms, Planner, Skype for Business, Calendar and ever more on each given day allows us ‘X-Teachers’ to become leaders in innovation and determination to pass the sail and the buck onto our students. These tools provide strong collaborative means in which to take ones idea and transform it with others via the Internet through sharing, collaborating, changing and adapting an idea into something unreal, something surreal and amazing! We need this type of leaders for our future as old people on this planet, I WANT this type of leader for my children, grandchildren, great grandchild, nieces, nephew’s, past, present and all future students!

Its time to become the new wave of educator! Dare I say ‘X-Educators’ lead with our super powers of creating a new mindset, a new model citizen that is adaptable, collaborative in nature and will seek answers without fear, trepidation and worries, as they know they can reach out for support to anyone globally for support from experts in any area of interest / need. Its time to instill this passion to go beyond boarders of books, classrooms and even one given job.

Lets mold and create a new wave of student that will challenge us mentally to become better, stronger and innovative ourselves. To ensure their growth and development changes and WE along side our empowered students will become that much more empowered and stronger as well to create a world that we can be proud of, that we can ensure is great, endless and amazing for all future generations even after we are gone!

I cannot help but think the X-men would reflect upon their powers endlessly and constantly try their darnest to ensure they utilize their ‘gifts’ to ensure the world becomes a better place! Growing up I always wanted to be a Hockey Player, but many things got in the path, altered my direction in life and lead me to education. I cannot help but think, similar to ‘X-men’ we educators are ‘chosen’ somehow, by someone because we all have a distinct uncanny quality to reach out and support all types of learners by any means necessary, if not we would not have reached this pinnacle position in our given communities!

Educators ARE superhuman role models that can instill, empower and create a new mindset within citizens for the future…we ARE ‘X-men’ ourselves….we ARE ‘X-Educators’!!

Let 2017 be the year we step up to the plate and bring forth a new wave of student a new mindset…will you reflect upon your practise, philosophy and profession and join the force of greatness?

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