A Coding Reflection…

A while back (just after Christmas) I wrote a blog in regards to Checkers; which low and behold uses and works with primitive coding language long before programming even came out.

Last night while training with Norfolk Fire on our yearly update and renewal of First Aid / CPR and AED training I witnessed and realized another super important piece of equipment; an AED has programming and coding behind it as well. Talk about wanting to ensure your programming is PERFECTION, this IS the ultimate life saver!

When an AED’s pads are applied to the body, the AED itself is reading and looking for sinus rhythm, otherwise known as a pulse (which looks like jumping lines…picture your heart beating, each beat the line jumps). The AED is reading what the pads are taking in and relating it to a few different types of previously imprinted pulse checks (i.e., normal reading, cardiac arrest and no signs of life – layman’s terms). The AED goes through each of the aforementioned to see what matches the current reading (Coding language for repeating circuit until blank is achieved), once it finds a match the NEW AED’s (found throughout all communities within public buildings; libraries, schools arenas to name a few) it tells / informs you what to do (i.e., shock advised / analysing / no shock advised), IF no shock continue CPR for 2 minutes, every two minutes the AED runs the ‘Loop’ sequence again to determine ‘IF’ there are any changes, “IF so then do this…..’ may imply ‘shock advised (since no pulse detected and we need to shock the heart to support rescue breathing), IF shock is sent then immediately continue CRP for another two minutes.

This CPR and AED training is pre-programming us Fire Fighters to remember a sequence of event IF this happens or that, so in reality we are being ‘coded’ / programmed ourselves by trainers who were previously programmed by another; hence back to yet more coding and repeats / circuits.

This got me thinking; and when my mind hits the ‘I wonder’ program its lights out crazy upstairs and anything can transpire and occur, endless possibilities and not enough sleep. Now, being an educated person whom internally needs relentless amount of evidence (hence the career choice) to prove anything is exactly true without a shadow of doubt, I wonder if there is a coding language behind the creation of existence?!?

Wow eh?!!? Being an atheist is HARD, I would sincerely love to fall into faith based beliefs BUT my personal belief system, how I think and require to run my life is solely ran by requiring evidence to prove existence or truth in an exterior ‘Being’ or some sort.

BUT, think of it this way…IF things went BANG (flashback to Sheldon and Leonard – The Big Bang, love this show by the way), then this happened, IF things inter-mingled, THEN this occurred and CHANGED into something more or dare I say better (Homo-sapiens), IF these ‘things’ banged various items together eventually they get a cool reaction from rock and create…FIRE. Seems to me like lots and lots of pre-determined loops / circuits, statements and IF statements….low and behold ‘CODING’ –

I live my life outside the box, I am not a faith based believer in anything until I see evidence! BUT I AM a believer in ALL THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON and that it is the UNIVERSES way of keeping you on your pre-determined but malleable, bendable path.

So, now I come back to my job as an educator; I got an itch to read, investigate, try, learn, fail and dabble with technology from an old principal; Dennis Wright to help support my Special Education Students with their learning. While reading, going to workshops, conferences and trying new things out I met many new people along the way whom help me learn more and more about the amazing features technology can offer everyone! And now, I find myself doing the same for my teaching students; directing them in the same manner, fashion Dennis did for myself (LOOPS and CIRCUITS) or upon further reflection IF (Dennis hooks Joe), THEN (Statement) Joe is now programmed to run the loop to those he runs into as while (colleagues, teaching students etc…) – what an tangled web this CODING THING is!

I have to say, this coding thing has brought me somewhat closer into considering an Exterior Being or an Existence of Something / Someone….wondering where String Theory is at and IF Coding could help support String Theory!?!?

I think I am now going off on a endless tangent so, checking out!

Until next time I get the itch to share….’IF (statement) I run into a new wild and crazy thought or experience….ahhh crap there I go again!


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