Innovation and Invention in STEM Learning

Wow – wihat an amazing day we had today! S. Mattice and I have two wonderful Nipissing Teaching Students; Presley Sibbick and Joe Bishop whom went above and beyond with a fantastic day of STEM learning at their home campus on Wellington in Brantford.

Working diligently with Dr. William’s our Nipissing Rockstars created, implemented and infused a love for innovation with their fantastic itinerary!

We began the day listening to Kid President which is an incredibly cute video introducing innovative ideas for new inventions. Please watch – adorably cute!!

The kids were told they would explore Canada’s; Brantford’s own ‘Innovative Expert’ Alexander Grahm Bell’s invention of the telephone and how it grew and became what smartphones are today over time with new innovations and changes when working together collaborating.

After they explored a walkie talkie, the old phone, pagers and another Canadian Innovation the ‘Blackberry’ #Canada150 we had time to regroup and plan a new twist or swing on a current piece of technology and make it more innovative and invent a ‘new model’ or something that could help current models perform better.

Now, I am not 100% sure how things went down in the 4/5 room but if it occurred anything like the grade 3 classroom, the collaboration, teamwork, planning was inspiring and amazing to watch grow from a basic pre-made device / tool to incredible additions and or new models.

In grade 3 we seen ‘solar slides’ to help charge phones and reduce electricity charges on hydro bills, a fantastic new photo / facetime and candy dispensing walkie talkie (everyone loves candy from time to time!!), a refurbished recycled enhanced photo phone called ‘relens’ that enhances photo capabilities in any smart device (yes its universal for all to enjoy) and an amazing new way to chat virtually with people in a ‘coffee house type setting’ with eye glasses type viewers! ….can anyone say Halo Lens?!?!

In the grade 4/5 room we seen a twist on Drones with a ‘plane viewer’ that could be operated from a smart device that takes photos too, since people still love their planes and they are faster too! We also seen a warming sleeve or cooling sleeve for phones in the winter / summer to prevent battery damage and loss. I feel bad but I forget the other few innovations, however I know upon leaving that room I was blown away with our amazing innovative minds at Hagersville Elementary!

Ms. S and Mr. B out did themselves and provided all the students needed to explore, excel and create amazing innovative inventions for Canada’s new wave inventors in our 150 year of celebration!

From my end of things I loved hearing the collaboration and teamwork, people utilized each others strengths well recognizing weaknesses too, all students were included within the team effort from bottom (creating a concept) to top (designing and presenting).

The power of collaboration and team work with problem solving in action was at play today. Its incredibly heartwarming to watch lights ignite in young peoples minds when they are told ‘This is YOUR concept’ this became their baby, their goal and ultimately their mark in time…becoming an inventor is powerful, but innovating is remarkable!

I went into the day with itinerary in hand with pre-conceived thoughts and notions and expectations; which happily I can and will admit were far too basic for these amazing kids! The kids with the support from Ms. S and Mr. B flew and soared far past my expectations! I loved watching the art of collaboration take hand…..the inquiry, experimentation, adaption and end product was exceptional! I know by explaining the day my words are not doing it justice….I wish the day was filmed ….a sway will come….soon as Ms. S and Mr. B put it together, but witnessing the events was remarkable!

Hats off to the Nipissing Rockstars; Ms. S and Mr. B and a HUGE thanks for Dr. Williams and the amazing volunteer Nipissing teaching students giving up a day of their reading week to come out and provide elementary kids with a fantastic learning experience!

Also another HUGE thanks to the kids at Hagersville Elementary for provide Ms. Mattice and I with an inspiring day of watching flowers bloom and grow beyond expectations!! Way to go kids!!

Stay tuned for the awesome Sway to come…..interested in a STEM Day?!?! touch base with @MissSibbick @MrJBishop95 they are working on a fantastic Onenote Binder that all could use to create a STEM club at your school! They are tidying up final touches (yes meticulous they are….but you know its going to be amazing)….watch these two Grand Erie….shooting stars and as one of my favourite people Ruth Mills would say ‘Champions of STEM’!!

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