Moments that will last a life time!

So, I had such an amazing week networking, sharing and collaborating in multiple events (NTIP Ed Tech support day, Demo Classroom, Microsoft E2 in Toronto), but Friday topped things off with a cherry on top!

Three of my students went to Brantford Nipissing Campus to present an Elevator Pitch for their Innovation they called the ‘Relens’. I am trying to keep this one short so visit this Sway to see our day and an incredible video!! Please, please check this out!

I have been fortunate to have such an amazing administrator that lets me explore and transform the classroom into the 21 century! Janice you rock! But most of all my kids (yes they are mine, outside of the parents I spend and have become so proud of all their accomplishments) or as many call them students! My kids are remarkable, they come to school with a drive and eagerness to learn and try anything and everything out! I know personally at times I am not around as much as I would like to be within the classroom however, I know that within that room those kids are immersed and engaged and diving into some deep conversations and learning!

I have flipped my own pedagogy in teaching this year; using 21 century competencies (If you are unaware please see but a new innovative mindset inspired by George Couros’s Innovator’s Mindset. With past kindergarten experience in inquiry learning I have utilized Microsoft O365 tools for students to access curriculum (while many are on IEPS, and struggling students), engage and dive into some very deep questions and real world problems! We have supported each other, collaborated globally using Skype and Twitter and have strong relationships that reach outside our Grand Erie Board let along classroom!

This Friday Isla, Eddie and Ryerson represented our classroom and knocked it out of the park! We are innovative and engaged. We have become transformed by a new wave of learning! Failure is awesome in our room, failure is steps to success, its points that show we are trying to grasp an understanding! Together these innovative kids will become Canadian Folklore as read within the Sway aforementioned by Tom Jenkins.

My moment as the teacher was difficult as I recorded the video! I struggled to keep the phone steady to share their moment with you all as I was trying to whip away the tears of pride! It was not that actual point while they were talking it was the consideration and thought of what the future can and will hold for all Archer’s 3’s as they decided to call themselves! They will become Canadian Folklore similar to Sidney Crosby and or Paul Henderson as mentioned by Tom Jenkins.

I was also fortunate to snap a photo of two Mommy’s too! I wanted to share a couple comments I received from parents. I hear often and with broad shoulder I can and will take anything as I know in my heart I am doing right by these kids, that I am out of building too much and they need a real teacher. Firstly let me say this, supply teachers ARE teachers too, they inspire and engage just as we do, in fact we were all there at one point in time as well. When I look at myself in the mirror at night I have NO DOUBTS that these kids are obtaining life lessons and learning that WILL TRANSFORM them!

So, here are two quotes… that make what I do beyond more then enough!

“Love this sway!! Brought tears to my eyes” and; “My son is still talking about it! Proud parent moment for sure! Thanks so much for giving my son this opportunity!”

“It was an awesome day! What a great sway to keep as a reminder. My daughter has been so lucky to have you as a teacher this year. What a great learning year she has had and not just in the classroom! You should be proud. Great job!”

I do not do this to boast by any means, so please do not see nor take it this way! So people have a very difficult time seeing and understanding the depth of my 21st century program within my classroom. At the end of the day I sleep incredibly well, in fact like a baby because I put my heart and soul into my classroom!

This is one of many, many incredible moments I had this year! If you haven’t read or or (write to give) or my personal favourite that still brings tears to my eyes when I think of it….

So, in retrospect I feel extremely proud and very amazed not at my accomplishments but my kids my students and my parents this year! If anyone has any doubts anymore….please enlighten me because yes I will never doubt that curriculum IS indeed important! But, teachable moments and life lessons will go along for a lifetime!

I thoroughly look forward to 10-15 years from now when one of these amazing kids come and recite a moment during the 2016-2017 school year! There are many moments…..will you get these moments people? I hope you all will!!

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