Canconnect 2017; forethought’s…

Well here I am sitting work diligently on day plans for this week, highly anticipating the week ahead as I walk into my second experience with Canconnect in Niagara Fall in 2017.

Last year was overwhelming to say the least! I was there for two incredible days of learning and networking with other professionals. That was the beginning of my personal growth in usage of technology! To see some of the remarkable stuff people were doing with tech in the classroom was unbelievable! This is when I changed my perspective and  pedagogical practise to utilize, incorporate and infuse technology and SMAR practices within my grade 3 classroom!

This week I say good bye to Presley an amazing Nipissing Teaching Student who will become something spectacular in the near future, as did a former student; Nicolas Reynolds has! Tuesday, along with Presley and a small groups of students and their parents we will meet his excellency The Governor General David Johnston with the work in STEM and Innovation our students have been so involved and engaged within! Then to top things off, I head to Niagara for another amazing event at Canconnect!

I have to say I am very lucky and very fortunate, and I know without the support of m amazing administrator; Janice Hughes a lot of the achievements and success I have had with my students would not have been possible! Aligning yourself with greatness is the biggest thing that has helped me progress in my professional growth and developement; from Janice, Nipissing teaching students, High-school Co-op, colleagues and not to mention twitter PLNs, I am lucky to be with such amazing supportive people!

Looking ahead at Canconnect I am excited to learning again from Brian Aspinall with Minecraftedu, Martha and Dustin Jez from Fair Chance Learning (are always energetic and their enthusiasm for tech is contagious). I am looking forward to learning from Lisa Floyd, Michelle Cordy, Kyle Kitchen and thoroughly look forward to learning how I can ‘Teach like a Jedi Knight’ from Regalado Vasques!!

The event brings in the best of the best and next year I am hoping to speak and present with the best of the best when I reach a goal I set for myself!

I do have to throw in a shameless plug; I am speaking at the Ignite Session Thursday night, which is awesome! Looking forward to hearing from Steven Floyd, Kaylyn Dorland, Johnathan So, Joanna Bull and so many more including Brian Aspinall again (kind of my techie idol right now).

I am also super excited to share that I get to represent Hagersville Elementary School and the Grand Erie District School Board and receive the Classroom Innovators Award this year on Thursday!

I created and made a OneNote Canconnect Binder which is set and ready to rock and roll as well. This binder is shared and will be used in the future for all! If interested in joining and sharing your learning while at Canconnect within this binder which you can and will have access to till 2018 Canconnect.

Well; one day to go and eagerly anticipating another fantastic learning experience similar to the E2 event in Toronto last month! It looks like another spectacular event, hats off to all you who worked so hard at planning, those presenting and to the many volunteers working the event too!

Stay tunned for my blog at the conclusion of the event!

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