Grandparents Day at Hagersville Elementary

This past Friday was our Annual Grandparents Day at Hagersville Elementary!

Such a fantastic event that pulls in over 200 + Grandparents, some travelling over 11 hours to partake in an AM event for their Grandchildren. Hats off to you all for coming and making the travel for your amazing kids! After meeting many of my ‘New Grandparents’ for the first time and seeing ‘Former Grandparents’ again I can see why the kids are so awesome at our school!!

So, we are required to open our classrooms to Grandparents an piloting a fantastic 21 century primary classroom at Hagersville Elementary I decided to share the 21 century tools, programs and ‘toys’ as the kids say sometimes!

Grandparents played the piano on fruit and a make-shift game simular to operation using @makeymakey, viewed and used Snip, Smartboards, Green Screen Doink, Onenote (learning tools), learned, explored and built using Minecraft, while exploring mathematical concepts of multiplication and fractions, scratchjr coding their learning during their hour visit! Suffice to say; they we flabbergasted with the ‘NEW’ way of learning in the 21 century! I thoroughly loved the conversations and photos of amazed faces upon the grandparents!!

To hear about one room schools and chalk boards was something MY own students couldn’t believe, simular in fashion that our Grandparents could not believe their eyes Friday! To think and reflect it has only been 40-50 years tops that they are outside of education and to see the differences is extremely satifying as professional trying to push the limits! Personally I think in 40-50 years what will the kids / teachers be using to learning in the future! Mind is blown just thinking of the limitless possibilities for ALL types of learners!!

My highlight was sharing my room, my students with my Oma (well….I adopted her as MY Oma, and she will be the first to say ‘This IS my Grandson’) Oma is the most kind and loving person I have ever met! She only see’s the good in everyone and to share this event with her was something I will thoroughly treasure always! I cannot wait to pick her brain and chat this Sunday during Family Dinner about her thoughts and feelings of the morning!

Upon welcoming the Grandparents and identifying MY Oma I had tears and had to take a moment to compose myself as I myself was so proud to include her and showcase the room and most of all the students! As always Oma took to an individual whom is a great kids, just….lets say ‘challenging’ at times! His Grandparent could not make it, so she acted as HIS Grandparent…..slightly jelous but incredibly blown away as always with her genuine love for all I watched in amazement while he shared his learning / story with Mr. Archer this year! She mentioned that he absolutely loves school because of the technology integration and when Oma imply something she means it, which made that moment even more meaningful as this individual and I ‘battle’ daily!!

So, I guess I must be on the right track if I am reaching and helping this guy then anything is possible and as Oma says ‘The glass can always be half full, its ONLY in the eyes of the beholder that holds the truth behind the scenes’

And with that, I will leave you with that to ponder about your work, students and effort this year! Lets finish the last two months off strong this year Grand Erie!!

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