Write to Give and so much more!!

So, sitting during my prep today looking ahead to the week and tomorrow’s BIG Write to Give Celebration Day!

This was my first of what will be many, many more experiences with Write to Give! Such a wonderful program and concept to support, help others in need, but what I am most appreciative of is the flipped side of things that people may or may not typically think about, OUR students writing these awesome books!

I look at my kids whom struggled to formulate meaningful stories with coherent begging, middle and endings of stories let alone peaks, valleys and little problems and solutions within their own writing. But the entire Write to Give process supported and helped my students understanding the meaning and depth within writing…..

So, picture this you are team / classroom 2 or even lets say 3. You are highly anticipating seeing what was done so you can write you piece of this book to be published (being published is something extraordinary itself let alone the process and program). Upon receiving the pre-written material you are thinking writing for someone in need will be so awesome and meaningful, but then you get the pre-written material and go ‘Oh boy….now what?’ as what was written is good,….but not what you would have thought was coming, but you have to work with it, you cannot stray away from the pre-written path otherwise the entire book loses depth and commitment.

So, taking what others wrote, we dive into things, dissecting what was written, the plot, characters and setting (basic items) then go more into depth and look at the character development process, what was written provides some insight in how you (writing your section now) have to continue to develop the plot and these characters journeys within the story. Yikes, scary as we found (thanks goodness Carey and Amy asked for more helpers and on our third book we mastered the process of dissection and creation).

My kids found  that within OUR part in the writing process we could pre-mold what would become of the rest of the story whether being the 2nd, 3rd and yes even the 4th class writing. Based on how we utilized pre-written material the kids really jumped into development within the characters themselves. What I enjoyed most was watching them debate and change / alter things to ensure certain characters ‘changed’ during other classes written parts! So rich debate and so much depth without fully understanding nor comprehending what they had done in its entirety until today!

Today we recieved our books in the mail. Today we celebrated and read our books, and the outcome was spectacular! Not the final product (although the books themselves were incredible and super happy the outcome) what I am talking about was my students seeing the final product of their 1/5 th piece of the pie….their conversations and predictions / assumptions and alterations to help / support the other classes in their written pieces came out today when we read our final products!

Students seen the depth and art within their work, so many weeks ago….my favourite piece was that many asked to start a new written project and story! Wow, talk about empowering kids behind the scene eh!?!?

What kid asks to do work!??! For me this was the pinnacle of the the entire experience! The empowerment that this process provided for my kids….I am thoroughly looking forward to their creative writing in the upcoming weeks and see the debate / conversations between people during this writing process! For me as an educator this Write to Give experience is SO MUCH MORE then supporting and helping others….the whole program is awesome for all students involved and even the teacher’s as they too have to work within a team of five!

Sign me up next year, not only for the program but sign me up to be a team leader again! Such a fanastic program!! An incredible journey and empowering movement for all involved!!

Thanks Write to Give, Amy and Carey!! Loved being involved this year!!

Speaking on behalf of my empowered students, from an inspired educator….thanks for all you do for others….and so much more!!

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