Life Changes and New Experiences…

Sometimes we come to points in life where we have to evaluate things; how does this effect the family, my job the people around me and whatnot and sometimes life throws you curve balls that are mean to throw you for a loop….the questions always come back to why? Why did this occur, what did that happen, what is the meaning of it? So many questions, so many unknowns….

Life has a funny way of doing this from time to time. Sometimes a change is good, others a change is challenging and sometimes not so good. WE have to embrace these changes in life, we have to take them on full force with everything we got and see them for what they really are….a new adventure, a new experience to learn something else, possibly even part of a bigger plan for some unknown reason this was ‘just meant to happen’ at this particular time and place.

My theory, has always been that ‘Everything in life happens for a reason’ answers and question can only be determined within the process of the experience….sometimes its choice to change, sometimes change happens without a choice, either way we have to embrace and face it! I am trying to keep this posting somewhat ‘discrete’ as it helps me absorb things writing things down. In this case the choice was mine; but something since hearing I have been digesting and I thoroughly believed I would be much happier then I am today….and it’s not that I am not happy, I think its because I am going to be leaving something that I love, people I thoroughly enjoy being around and spending time working and learning from and with.

I always try to put my heart and soul into everything; and sometimes in times like this it comes back to bite me in the behind…in a good way though! The effort and work is a testament of how hard and difficult this new transition will be for me, going to a new experience will be fantastic and great for my family and has always been a goal of mine (more of this in another post) but for now ‘discrete’ is the word…my wife mentioned something that really hit home for me and that I am extremely thankful for….I have time left to enjoy those around me, to spend time ‘transitioning’ not only for me but for them as well….my experiences have always lead me to great adventures and awesome times; I really try to make the most of everything! Not only for me, but those around me too…I know the change will be hard for me, but I always wonder; ‘If I am ever gone….for whatever reason….how will those around me feel?’

A great friend of mine is retiring this year; and Norma is leaving a living legacy behind. Living because her impact and work resonates within all those she worked with and shared her knowledge and experiences with. I know this as I am one of those people! I wonder if I will leave that mark, if my ‘legacy or mark’ will be felt in this manner as well? Does that sounds weird? I am not saying that to be big headed or anything like that….I mention this as its something I always wonder….the saying goes; ‘If a former student see’s you walking on the other side of the street, would they come running over to say hi?’ – I want to be that teacher that has many of those moments…..and its the effort and hard work that will get these….so I guess within a short time I will be finding this out….I will be finding out how I did, if I will be enjoying those ‘moments’ on the street, maybe its a text picture from a parent in the future and or a phone call even sharing fantastic news!

When I was younger I worked with an amazing family; both parents were teachers and one a principal at the time of their passing in a sudden disaster. It was all a blur and so emotional but I recall the community coming together, parents, students and everyone whom they ever met….it was unreal! The power and opportunity educators have is incredible and actually unreal in my opinion! We have a career that can be so empowering yet so traumatic at the same time, what will you embrace and make of it?

I know I choose empowering not only for myself but for those walking within the school doors, my classroom door and within the halls I walk into yearly!

Looking forward to a change but will miss everything about my current ‘experience’!!

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