And there goes July…..

Well July came and gone so fast and now we are into August!

Its funny when you think about it; but as a teacher the somewhat dreaded ‘August’ just means we are back to the grinding stone soon.

Personally refreshing in the summer is awesome; but I think summer is even more amazing for us all to reset, read, learn and create with some actual time on our hands. People do travelling and day trips but one of my favourite things this summer has been taking my own kids into the 21 century and learning along side them with the Micro:bits coarse! They have made and created some very cool things; but by far the best is watching my son independently coding the micro:bits on his own now….simple things but still on his own.

Reading, reading and reading some more! Jenn Casa-Todd’s SociaLEADia is awesome (still working through her book), A.J Juliani and John Spencer’s; Empower Book is amazing for project based learning and maker space concepts too!

Been working hard through the Microsoft Educators Community on Summer School 101 and 201 too! Learning and create Microsoft Team for this year, my new super OneNote Binder (Which I inserted within my Team) for Lakewood Elementary this school year too!! Lots and lots on the go!

So; bring on August and lets see what it holds!

One final thought before signing off; it is now 1 year before I leave to go to Africa with Write to Give as well! Super excited it is now within reach!

Have a fantastic August everyone!!

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