2019 #E2 Education Exchange

Wow, absolute wow…still in complete awe and shock!

Caught?!!? Intregued….dang you should be with the title of this blog posting! #E2 baby yeah!!

This year I had an incredible oppertunity to represent Grand Erie District School Board, Lakewood Elementary School and Microsoft Canada on the Global stage as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow in Paris, France alongside 270+ other unbelievable educators across the globe!

I was blown far away with the oppertunity, totally enthused and excited to meet all the encredible icons in our profession!! What I didn’t expect was coming home armed with so much content, material and lessons after the Educator Challenge that it could run the next few years of Inquiry Driven Experiences for many students!

Throughout the entire conference we learned how we could enhance, promote and utilize many, many Microsoft Applications to Amplify Student Voice! Teams, OneNote, Sway, Flipgrid, Minecraft, Powerpoint, Skype, Coding with Micro:bits, use of Onedrive and so much more was on display within the Learning Market Place! Walking through two floors of incredible projects, lessons and activities these teachers shared was truly inspiring! I seen everything from Coding, Plogging, VR in Minecraft that even extended into 3D printing…the possibilities endless, the lesson extensions limitless….still waking up in the middle of the night writing things down, lots of voice notes in the middle of lessons this week at school too.

Then we get to the people….this was even better! Anthony Salcito (VP of Education at Microsoft) shared that while at #E2 he wanted to challenge us to become #ChangeMakers and that many Keynotes, Presentations and Breakouts had some inspiring changemaking educators on display! The Imovie review of his keynote can be found within my twitter feed at @ArcherJoe

Some of the inspiring Twittermon Educators (A term used by the one and only Stephen Eustace; as being the ‘Rare Breed Twitter Icon Educator‘ with Pokemon Powers of various types and sorts, I.e., Stephan has incredible OneNote Level 5 Up Powers)….this guy was a hoot!! Here are a few; Koen Timmers, Vinneta Garg, Scott Titmas, Nam NgoThanh, Julie Fletcher, Kate Murray, Dawn Jones, Elaine Bonello and so many more!!

I was very shocked to hear that I fell into the Rare Twittermon Educator Category alongside those aforementioned rockstars!! I found it was exhiliarting to walk around, double take and regroups, shake a hand or a hug with people I have been connecting with for years and years within my digital Professional Learning Network on Twitter and the Microsoft Educator Community (click to link to another page to sign up for an educator account…..if you haven’t yet, you are silly and absolutely missing out!! So just do it!!).

The Keynote rockstars were; Joey Taralson, Karey Killian, Maridith Roe, Stephan Cloatre, We Movements Carrie Patterson and a 15 year old rockstar; Brianna Gopaul who spoke on Quantum Computing and Artifical Intellegence (Follow here now)….all their stories were inspiring and emotionally uplifting and engaging to be part of! To be perfectly honest I would highly suggest you ALL pop into the #E2 hashtag twitter feed for the entire Educational Exchange in Paris, France and follow everyone!!

I think one of the most challenging, yet best piece of the entire Exchange was the Educator Challenge. I was the coach of two teams (which we merged together as we were missing three people from one team in particular), and helped oversee the lesson creation. I have to be perfectly honest, the first day was absolutely dreadful….I recall walking away a couple times before becoming angry for a breather, break and space. However, day two these people pulled together something remarkable!! We created a lesson with so much content within Teams, OneNote, Flipgrid, Minecraft, Forms and much more in an inclusive manner that Team 14 brought home the Inclusive Award!! We ALL worked so hard pulling pieces together to create a thorough lesson that ALL learning styles, challanges and disabilities can partake within with multiple entry points and limitless oppertunities to explore!! Thanks so much for all your effort Team 14 Ugur, Dawn, Remi, Pamala, Kovleen, Katka, Chanille!! Check out the Award Winning Inclusive Lesson Plan; A Beginners Guide into Paris with Real Life Learning

These people were teammates for two days, six hours yet have become very, very close friends! Its amazing how quickly likeminded individuals come together as fast as we did and how close we became in the process as well! I cannot wait to continue connecting, working from afar and eventually, hopefully one day come to visit you all! Your all welcome at the Archer Household in Canada anytime!!

The event itself was inspiring. Team Canada was well represented with Colleen Horzelenberg, Lynn Thomas, Yves Laliberte, Mario Asta, Lia De Cicco Remu, myself and many leaders across this great Country. We had many, many laughs and learned so much from one another! We stood out like a sore thumb in our Bright Red Hoddies and Canada Flags!

Walking away from the Education Exchange was hard, but I know I come home armed and dangerous with a vast assortment of incredible projects that were shared by #E2’s incredible educators across the world!! Please see the OneNote 2019 #E2 Binder I created for everyone, where you can see projects, the people and our projects!

I am not entirely sure I have fully absorbed this entire event…..it has totally changed the way I see things and has also inspired me to become even more of a #ChangeMaker within my own classroom, school and board!

I wish all my 2019 #E2 friends all the best in every future endeavor and lots of success yet even more connections moving ahead!

@ArcherJoe signing off…..please go visit my AboutMe Page to hear, see and feel more about the #E2 event through my Podcast; ArchersTNTClassroom

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